Mark Lanegan, the lead singer of the Screaming Trees passed away at the age of 57!


Yesterday on the morning of February 22, 2022, the American singer, songwriter, author and musician breathed his last! Mark Lanegan has died aged 57! The news came as a surprise to her dedicated fans around the world! The singer said earlier that he would be the first to receive a booster shot when it becomes available. We can therefore say that he may also have taken all the precautions. However, the cause of death still hasn’t surfed in general. But over the past few years, he is said to have suffered huge health complications in addition to being infected with Covid-19 last year. Moreover, Mark Lengan also reportedly suffered from kidney disease.

Well, you’d also be surprised to know that like many, the lockdown times haven’t gone smoothly for Mark! During which once he woke up completely deaf and moreover he was not even able to breathe or stand. After which, for nearly three months, he could not sleep and constantly struggled to breathe. As a result, he was driven into a medically induced coma for four weeks! The situation became too serious for once the doctors were convinced by the idea of ​​performing a tracheostomy on Mark! However, his wife did not allow it. She said they weren’t ready to lose her voice! And now let us know more about the latest news!

Mark Lanegan passed away
Mark Lanegan of Screaming Trees

Mark Lanegan has died, reads his official Twitter account page!

The news of Mark Lanegan’s death was given by his official Twitter account page. He says our beloved friend Mark Lanegan passed away this morning. They had also revealed where he died. The most expensive singer breathed his last at his home in Killarney, Ireland. The official statement further states that the 57-year-old singer, songwriter, author and musician is survived by his wife Shelley. Following this, they ended the post by revealing that no further information is available at this time. In addition to that, they had asked to respect the privacy of the family! Mark Lanegan is known as the lead singer of Screaming Trees. Also, he was a member of Queens of the Stone Age and The Gutter Twins!

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