Mark Feehily’s Net Worth: Earnings Of The Irish Singer


Markus Michael Patrick Feehily is also known as Mark Feehily. He became a famous Irish singer and songwriter at an early age. He was born on May 28, 1980, he belongs to Sligo, Ireland. Not only that, but he is an expert in pop, soul and R&B. In this way, Mark Feehily’s net worth rose to..? Not only that, the songwriter plays vocals and piano instruments. Likewise, he started his journey in 1997 as a singer. They have a band called Westlife, with two lead singers in that band. Mark Feehily is one of the main lead singers. In Westlife, they released twelve albums, but not only, they embarked on thirteen world tours.

They won numerous awards and became one of the most successful bands of all time. Mark Feehily is the top performer on the UK Singles Chart. He has collaborated with many labels from 1998 to the present day, such as BMG, S Records, Sony BGM, Syco Music, Music Entertainment, Kobalt, East-West, etc. Mark Feehily has more sources to generate income. Mark Feehily is a popular public figure, I mean, a celebrity. He became a huge fan of his songs and worked hard to create hit albums. Let’s see what is the real net worth of Mark Feehily and his career.

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The career of Mark Feehily

As I said before, in 1998 Mark Feehily was one of the two lead singers of boy band Westlife, and the other was Shane Filan. The self-formed six piece boy band ‘IOYOU’ based in Sligo was previously called Six As one, the founders are Westlife, Feehily, Filan and Kian Egan. “Together Girl Forever” is the first single for him, later songs are “Everlasting Love” and “Good Thing”. July 3, 1998 was the final lineup of Feehily, Filan and Egan. From the original lineup, Bryan McFadden and Nicky Byrne were replaced by new members who auditioned from Dublin.

In February 2015, “Love is a Drug” was Mark Feehily’s debut single, which was released to first radio. This first song is number 2 on the trending list in Ireland. Around this time, Westlife and Feehily also released music as solo artists under the name Markus Feehily.

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After that, in October 2018, a video was released re-revealing the group’s reunion as four pieces, posted on Westlife’s official social media platform. The following year, on January 11, 2019, they released a new song which debuted on the Graham Norton Show, the lead single, “Hello My Love”. In 2020, Mark Feehily announced on his social media platform that he and Shane Filan both co-wrote the new track for Emeli and Ronan called “One of a Kind”.

What is Mark Feehily’s net worth?

Mark Feehily was at the top of the highest ranked LGBT group, and not only that, Mark Feehily was cast as the highest performer. One of his early tracks went viral and was trending at No.2 in Ireland at the time of 2015. He went viral again in 2017 when he released a Christmas album. With this, Mark Feehily became a millionaire. Mark Feehily’s net worth is around $20 million as of this date.

Feehily’s main source of income in his singing career is American Express. Mark Feehily not only makes money from the singing profession, but he has also sung individual solo tracks like “Imaginary Diva”, “Oh Holy Night”, “Before It’s Too Late”, and “Talk Me Down”. Mark Feehily will also co-write several songs, and he will sing these songs during live performances, earning money in many ways.

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Who is Mark Feehily’s partner? What is his relationship status?

Coming to Mark Feehily’s relationship. Yes, he is in a relationship with a fashion photographer. Mark Feehily vilified his love life with a fashion photographer. The fashion photographer’s name was revealed by Mark Feehily. His name is Kevin McDaid. They became a couple and started sharing a house in January 2005. They first met at a Cheerios children’s concert in Ireland. There is no information about his child at this time, but he has a cute daughter and shared a photo of her on the Instagram platform.

In December 2007, Mark Feehily and his partner Kevin appeared on the cover photo of Attitude magazine. The couple announced their engagement in February 2010. A few months later, Mark Feehily posted a tweet on Twitter stating that the couple had separated on December 31, 2011. Mark Feehily has yet to reveal why he and his ex- girlfriend are no longer in a relationship. .

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