Major NBA contracts in the coming years


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Just like with a loose ball, you dive with your head towards it when the bag is within reach. Every summer, a handful of teams, markets large and small, choose to resign, renew, or offer big money to one of their emerging players. Sometimes it’s okay. Other times you’re stuck with Kevin Love. While kudos to Love for rejuvenating his career this season, he’s still not worth the $31 million coming off the bank.

For avid contenders, it’s a business Russian roulette game. Sometimes the contract strikes: Nikola Jokić ($29.5 million each), Joel Embiid ($29.5 million each), Domantas Sabonis ($18.7 million each). And sometimes it’s disrupted by injury, regression, or age. It will take a miracle for these five teams to get out of the bad contracts they’ve given their players. When it happens, the intentions are always good. Maybe you’re a small market trying to create a superstar duo or a contender looking to lock up a missing piece. For these five teams, it’s one contract that can make or break the future of their fighting status. This list does not include team rebuilding albatross contracts (ie John Wall + De’Aaron Fox). This is about the battling teams whose ability to win it all may be hampered by a huge contract eating caps. One that could hinder their ability to change their roster through free agency or trade.

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