Magic: The Gathering Animation PV by WIT Studio and Maxilla


Anime games have been something popular among anime fans. Of these games, collectible card games are even more fun. Not only do we learn more about the different characters, but we also make many friends by playing collectible card games. Collectible Card Games, popularly known as Collectible Card Games, is a type of game where players build their library by collecting different guards through boosts or from trading cards with each other . Most cards are collected using and considering strategic moves.

Magic: The Gathering, or Magic, is a card game that was the first card game to introduce this idea. It was created by Richard Garfield. Magic: The Gathering has been around since 1993 and gets better with each new release. It has a set of rules that players must follow, however, these rules are constantly changing with new updates. Recently an animation PV was released by WIT Studio and maxilla inc. to celebrate the release of a new set called Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty.

MGT animated trailer for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty:

The trailer was released by WIT Studio in collaboration with maxilla inc. was to welcome the new series of the collectible card game which will be released on February 18. WIT Studio is one of the famous animation studios which has worked on many successful projects. They are responsible for hosting the first 3 seasons of Attack on Titan, Ranking of the Kings, Seraph of the End, Vinland Saga and Kabanari of the Iron Fortress. Maxilla inc. is famous for his work on motion graphics as well as the visual design of Darling in the Franxx and The Promised Neverland.

The Magic: The Gathering trailer from the aforementioned studios almost looks like a music video commercial for the new set. Although recently released, this trailer was appreciated by many fans who now want an anime. This cinematic trailer is 3 minutes and 36 seconds long and has the song “Scratch” in the background, making it appear like a music video with a story. The song is sung by Toru Kitajima, better known as TK, of the group Ling tosite sigure with Koshi Inaba. TK is famous for providing his vocals for the Tokyo Ghouls opening theme songs “Unravel” as well as “Katharsis”.

The story of the cinematic trailer:

This set merges ancient history with modern Kamigawa. It introduces us to the characters of a neo-noir era with a cyberpunk aesthetic. It introduces us to Kaito Shizuki, a character, in search of the missing emperor of Kamigawa for 10 years. He then encounters dangers and must fight his way through them. Suddenly, an emotional reunion takes place that lasts only a few moments.

Commemorative artwork by WIT Studio:

With the cinematic trailer, Ebisu Takuma, the animation director of WIT Studio. This illustration beautifully shows off the character design of Kaito and the Emperor of Kamigawa with shades of electric blue in the background.

Emperor of Kamigawa and illustration by Kaito Shizuki

Will Magic: The Gathering have an anime?

Yes and no, Magic: The Gathering will not get an anime but will get an anime series. However, WIT Studios will not be hosting the series. In 2019, the Russo Brothers announced that they would be adapting Magic: The Gathering into an animated series to be distributed by Netflix. The brothers are eager to work on this project as they themselves are fans of this collectible card game. An artwork was posted with the announcement.

Magic: The Gatering animated series
Netflix artwork for upcoming Magic: The Gathering animated series

Besides that, Netflix has also teased fans with 3D character models of the character Gideon who will be played by Brandon Routh.

In August 2021, it was announced that the anime will air by the end of 2022. It will mainly focus on the bonding of the characters Gideon and Jace. The animation is still ongoing and there are still updates to come. With the release of the cinematic trailer as well as anticipation for updates from the production team, Magic: The Gathering could be the next best anime to gain rapid popularity.

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