‘Love Twist’ Episode 42: Release Date, Preview & Spoilers


After a long wait, we finally see Hee Ok confess his lies. When So Ri’s grandmother forces Gwang Nam to have Ha Ru added to the family registry, he cannot go through with it. He tears up the registration form and tells Ha Ru that he is not her father. In Episode 42 of “Love Twist,” everyone is enraged by the lie Hee Ok told five years ago.

After that, it looks like everything will become fair, but Hee Ok refuses to repent for his actions. When So Ri’s grandmother tells her to move out, she takes it as a challenge and decides to stay. Also, she finds out that it was Ha Ru’s plan all along to get revenge. Ha Ru tells her to break up with Gwang Nam, but she says that will never happen.

“Love Twist” Episode 41 Recap

So far we have seen that Ok Hee finds out that Ha Ru is not Gwang Nam’s son, and he has lied to everyone about it. However, later she decides to take revenge instead of telling everyone the truth. Ha Ru is also deeply hurt by her mother’s lie as it destroyed her relationship with So Ri. He hatches a plan to reveal the truth with a DNA test. However, he is shocked when he discovers that the results are tampered with again. The people involved in creating the results are Kyung Joon and Yoon-ah. They don’t want their spouses to get back together because that would mean the end of their family.

Later, at Gwang Nam’s, everyone meets for lunch and So Ri’s grandmother sees the DNA test results. She is relieved to see that Ha Ru is Gwang Nam’s son and orders her son to add him to the family registry. Gwang Nam hesitates, but he cannot confess his lie. As he stands outside the district court, ready to sign the papers, Gwang Nam tears up the form and tells Ha Ru that he is not her father.

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Gwang Nam and Hee Ok fight

After telling Ha Ru the truth, Gwang Nam returns to his office. He didn’t know that Hee Ok was already waiting for him to see the registration certificate. When she asks him about it, he apologizes to her and says he told Ha Ru the truth. This makes her question her decision to stay with him as he won’t even register their marriage. Even though he gives the reason that he can’t lie to his mother, Hee Ok doesn’t believe him. She accuses him of not loving her and only caring about her fortune. What will happen now that Gwang Nam has confessed the truth?

Love Twist Episode 42 Preview

Now that Gwang Nam confessed the truth, Ha Ru wants to confront Hee Ok. He goes to her office and asks her why did she lie? She apologizes, but that’s not enough for Ha Ru. He tells her that he wants her to tell everyone the truth and apologize. However, that’s not it. He also wants her to break off her relationship with Gwang Nam. She asks Ha Ru not to tell So Ri’s grandmother the truth, but he refuses.

Ha Ru's Revenge
Ha Ru’s Revenge

‘Love Twist’ Episode 42 Release Date

Episode 42 of “Love Twist” will be released on February 24, 2022. After a long wait, the truth is finally out. Ha Ru, So Ri and her grandmother are all ready to punish Gwang Nam and Hee Ok. As everyone goes home, So Ri’s grandmother raises questions about Ha Ru not being added to the family. Unaware that she knows the truth, Gwang Nam and Hee Ok lie again. However, this time they are caught and Hee Ok is kicked out of the house.

Where to watch episode 42 of “Love Twist”?

The South Korean drama “Love Twist” is a television series broadcast by the KBS2 network. People living in South Korea can watch upcoming episodes of “Love Twist” on the official network. As for international fans, they can watch episode 42 of “Love Twist” on the subscription website Rakuten Viki.

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