Lone Survivor Filming Locations: Are Some Scenes Shot in Afghanistan?


Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster and Eric Bana feature in Lone Survivor, a 2013 American military film written and directed by Peter Berg and starring Mark Wahlberg. The film is based on the non-fiction book of the same name by Marcus Luttrell, which he co-wrote with Patrick Robinson in 2007. Lone Survivor is a dramatization of the failed counter-insurgency mission of the US Navy SEALs Operation Red Wings, in which a quadruple SEAL reconnaissance and surveillance unit was tasked with tracking down and killing Taliban leader Ahmad Shah during the Afghan conflict.

Berg first heard about the Lone Survivor novel while filming Hancock in 2007. He set up several meetings with Luttrell to talk about adapting the book for the screen. After competing against several major film companies, Universal Pictures won the image rights in August 2007. Berg based much of his screenplay on Luttrell’s eyewitness accounts in the book, as well as reports from autopsy and incidents related to the mission, by reconstructing the events. of Operation Red Wings.

Berg returned to work on Lone Survivor after filming Battleship for Universal in 2012. Principal photography began in October 2012 and spanned 42 days; the film was shot on location in New Mexico using digital cinematography. Technical consultants included Luttrell and many other Navy SEAL veterans, and the film’s production was aided by several branches of the United States Armed Forces.

Lone Survivor Filming Locations

So where did the filming of Lone Survivor take place? First and foremost, in case you didn’t know, Lone Survivor takes place in Afghanistan, where the real events took place. But where did the producers film these massive shootouts and action scenes to make it look like a real war was raging in Afghanistan? The sets of the film give the impression that it was shot in Afghanistan. The beautiful mountains of New Mexico were chosen by the filmmakers to make the film as realistic as possible.

The production, directed by Peter Berg on a rather limited budget of $40 million, required filming assistance, meaning the crew traveled to New Mexico and took advantage of the $25 tax credit. % of State. California would have been more convenient, but as with many other projects, the lottery procedure used to distribute the state’s filming incentive turned out to be an exit. New Mexico has had a terrific few years, hosting big-budget movies like Marvel’s first Avengers film and Johnny Depp’s The Lone Ranger, as well as the upcoming sci-fi Transcendence, starring Depp.

Where was Lone Survivor filmed
Sole Survivor Albuquerque

Locations used in New Mexico

We now know that the producers filmed in New Mexico, but New Mexico is a big state! We dug a little deeper to find out which locations in New Mexico were used by the filmmakers.

The magnificent Sangre de Cristo Mountains of the Santa Fe National Forest was one of the locations used. The location was chosen with the aim of generating landscapes that resembled the Hindu Kush mountain range. In Chilili, New Mexico, further filming took place. The creators used the beautiful wooded environment of Chilili to film many forest battle sequences.

Finally, the airfield scenes were shot in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The crime thriller Breaking Bad was filmed in Albuquerque for five seasons, and the show’s international success boosted New Mexico television prompting. Better Call Saul, a spin-off drama, is set to premiere in the city later this year.

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Lone Survivor was filmed without permission, according to this landowner

According to the lawsuit, a local property owner named Patrick Elwell came forward to claim that his property had been exploited without his permission to film the account of a Navy SEAL squad being attacked in the Afghan mountains. The filmmakers paid La Merced de Pueblo de Chilili $35,000 for permission to use the land for more than three weeks, but it appears the producers signed on with the wrong company.

On November 3, Elwell wrote a letter to the creators of Lone Survivor. He claimed that he had no idea who authorized the production company to use his property for the filming of “Lone Survivor” and that he personally did not authorize anyone or anything to act on his behalf. square. The owner would soon find out who had allowed a 150-person film crew to simulate explosions and gunfire on his property.

Where was Lone Survivor filmed
Scenes from Afghanistan

The property has been in dispute since 1841, when the Mexican government created the 40,000-acre Chilili Land Grant and sold it, according to a Nov. 19 section by Albuquerque news source KRQE. Elwell’s ancestors were early settlers and he has proof of ownership in the form of a title deed.

Other community members, such as Juan Sanchez, president of Chilili Land Grant, believe the original land purchases were illegitimate. Unfortunately for Sanchez, the courts ruled against him. He was not deterred. The Lone Survivor producers may not have been aware of the old feud when they picked a filming location and struck a deal with Sanchez’s organization.

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