Lee Yoo Mi Reacts To ‘All Of Us Are Dead’ Hate Comments


Lee Yoo Mi is currently one of the leading figures in the Korean theater industry. The actress made her debut in 2010 with the film La Mer Jaune. Since then, she has been playing small roles until she signs an exclusive contract with Varo Entertainment. With that, she gained worldwide recognition as she stole the hearts of the public as the selfless Ji-Yeong in Netflix’s Squid Game. Honestly, she was the reason most of us cried in that horrible, damned episode. However, the actor has turned our choices 180 degrees in Netflix’s zombie series All Of Us Are Dead as Lee Na-Yeon.

Lee Na-Yeon had us screaming at our screens because of her character’s irritation. She was a wealthy and naturally arrogant student in class 2-5 who always looked down on people and thought of herself as the best. His favorite punching bag was Gyung Su. Like many people who play vicious characters like Na-Yeon, Yoo Mi has also received a lot of hateful comments. But what surprises people is that Yoo Mi was actually happy that she received so many hateful comments because of her character. Keep reading to see why?

Lee Yoo Mi Talks About How He Feels When He Reads Hateful Comments

Lee Yoo Mi initially started off by saying that she thought she wouldn’t be in the cast of All Of Us Are Dead because of a mistake she made during the auditions. But because of her experience, the director had chosen her anyway and told her that he trusted her for the character. Because of this, Lee Yoo Mi had worked hard to prove that director Lee Jae Gyo hadn’t made a mistake in casting her for the role. The Squid Game actress also explained why it took so much effort to play the role of Lee Na-Yeon. The personalities of her and Na-Yeon were as different as the sun and the moon, so portraying the character’s emotions correctly was difficult but fun to figure it all out.

Lee Yoo Mi
Lee Yoo Mic: Varo Entertainment

So when the 27-year-old actress reads the hate comments after the show, she feels very happy because of all the hard work she put into the character. For Yoo Mi, the hateful comments are a sign that she did a good job portraying the evil character’s emotions.

Actress opens up about filming two K-dramas at once

Although Squid Game and All Of Us Are Dead were released at different times, filming took place at the same time. Lee Yoo Mi revealed that both K-dramas were filmed outside of town, so she had to go back and forth a lot. During the filing of All Of Us Are Dead, she was filled with a lot of emotions like blowing air into a balloon, and during the filming of Squid Game, she was venting her emotions. The actress had no idea that any of the K-dramas would explode and bring her so much popularity at that time. And now, when she looks back, she feels she is a very lucky person.

Lee Yoo Mi
Lee Yoo Mi in Squid Game and We’re All Dead

Due to her growing popularity, Yoo Mi has received tons of scripts and is able to choose her next project right now. She joked that in many of the roles she’s been offered, the characters don’t die, get lots of screen time, and even have a happily ever after. She said reading the scripts is a lot of fun and knowledgeable. Every time she reads a new script, she feels like she learned something new. We are, of course, waiting to see Lee Yoo Mi in a much lighter K-drama where she doesn’t die. But seeing her in a thriller drama wouldn’t hurt either!

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