Lee Dong Wook Talks About ‘Bad And Crazy’!


Man of the Hour Lee Dong Wook has wrapped up another hit drama. Also this year, Lee Dong Wook lived up to his “most dangerously attractive character” moniker with his badass role in the tvN drama, Bad and Crazy. The actor has been in the Kdrama industry for over two decades now and is truly the master of all genres. Whether it’s the tsundere but caring lawyer in Touch Your Heart, the innocent grim reaper in Guardian: The Lonely and Shining God, or a nine-tailed fox in Tale Of The Nine-Tailed, Lee Dong Wook plays each character to perfection. Not only is Lee Dong Wook a phenomenal actor with divine looks, but he also majored in Media and Audiovisual Arts from the prestigious Joongbu University.

Additionally, Lee Dong Wook has become the face of badass characters in kdramas with back-to-back thrillers such as Strangers From Hell, Bad and Crazy, and Tale Of The Nine-Tailed. Additionally, the actor has received several popularity and excellence awards, such as three consecutive APAN Star Awards and Best Actor at the Korea First Brand Awards. In a recent interview with Arena Home Plus magazine, the actor opened up about what he looks for in a role and how he feels about being given the title “in charge.”

Lee Dong Wook Talks About The Director’s Confidence In Him

While gracing the cover of this month’s Arena Homme Plus magazine, Lee Dong Wook ruled out the cozy vibes while wearing fashionable clothes. Lee Dong Wook has revealed that he and the other cast members didn’t completely live up to the original script of K-drama Bad And Crazy. Wherever they thought changes could be made and ad-libs added, the director was all ears. He said Bad And Crazy director Yoo Seon Dong (The strange encounter) had ensured that most of the ad-libs that he and the other cast members had recommended were added to the show.

Lee Dong Wook
Lee Dong Wook

When asked what he thinks when people call him a responsible and impressive actor, the Tale Of The Hine-Tailed star couldn’t have a more humble answer. He says many people consider their family their biggest responsibility, and as for the actor, acting is his life. The actor shared that even though he takes care of his family, working gives him another kind of joy that nothing else could give him. And even though his fans want him to rest, he finds working and playing very addictive. Basically, you could call him a big workaholic.

The star talks about playing different roles

As already mentioned, Lee Dong Wook has an endless love for acting. He said that if he takes on the same kind of roles over and over again, he will find the game very boring. For him, acting would lose its magic if he kept playing the same kind of role in every drama or movie. In the kdrama Bad And Crazy, the veteran actor played the role of longtime cop Soo Yeol. Soo Yeol, though only having a college degree, is a very accomplished member of the Anti-Corruption Unit. As the year has passed, Soo Yeol has lost the justified intention with which he became a cop and now cleans up the dirty work of his superiors. Often turning a blind eye to injustice, he brings out the outcome his superiors want.

Lee Dong Wook cr: Arena Home Plus Magazine

However, after meeting the virtuous but crazy guy K, played by Squid Game fame Wi Ha Joon, they start working together. Fans swooned over Lee Dong Wook for the entire series. He looked good everywhere. There wasn’t even a scene where his acting was out of place. Overall, Lee Dong Wook looked absolutely perfect, as always in kdrama. Check out his performance in Bad And Crazy on TVING.

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