LeBron James Drives Idea of ​​Joint Rams, Dodgers and Lakers Parade in LA


LeBron James just had to insert himself into the Rams' Super Bowl win.

LeBron James just had to insert himself into the Rams’ Super Bowl win.
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LeBron James has no shame.

In the glow of the Los Angeles Rams’ first Super Bowl win since 2000, James couldn’t just congratulate them and keep them moving.

He was at the game. He was jumping around the suite for his buddy, Odell Beckham Jr. (until the wide receiver was injured Sunday night in the game against the Cincinnati Bengals at SoFi Stadium).

It would have been great if James had fired a tweet on social media about the Rams and their achievement.


James couldn’t help but join the party, trying to make him part of what was happening, despite the fact that he was in plain clothes and not playing.

The tweet below basically said that LeBron wanted Los Angeles to hold a parade for all three of the championship’s LA teams: Lakers (2019-20), Dodgers (2020), and now the Rams (2021-22).

What? A parade in honor of the championships of three teams from a few years ago.

new. It’s a bad idea.

You cannot relive the past. That ship sailed on the Lakers and Dodgers.

Plus, it would be a bad move for the Rams, a stepchild in LA. Make no mistake. Los Angeles is a city period of the Dodgers and Lakers.

And yes, Dodgers first. When the two teams both won championships in 2020, the Dodgers had better local TV ratings.

The Rams, on the other hand, would be a distant third in anything that ties these three teams together. Have you seen the NFC Championship Game? The crowd at SoFi Stadium was 60-40 in favor of the San Francisco 49ers. The visiting team took over the home stadium of the Rams.

The Rams are still trying to rebuild their fan base after fleeing to St. Louis, just to come back and beg forgiveness. LA is still a Raiders city.

And we get it. The Lakers didn’t get a parade when they won that bubble championship in Orlando, Florida, in 2020 during the pandemic. Sure, it stinks.

There’s nothing like a parade to crown the moment, bring a city together as one, and give fans the chance to share in the moment many have seen on TV.

The same goes for the Dodgers, who won the World Series during the shortened 60-game pandemic season. You may remember that they defeated the Tampa Bay Rays in a series played in Arlington, Texas.

And the Dodgers were also locked out of a confetti shower.

If anyone had a right to cry about the lack of a parade, it would be the Dodgers. After all, that title ended a 32-year World Series drought.

And there was so much heartbreak before they secured their first title since 1988.

Maybe you can buy Clayton Kershaw who is salty after all these years in Los Angeles, win and not get a good party.

The other elephant in the room is exactly how the Lakers would pull a parade with the 2020 team. LeBron got rid of all those guys.

So it would actually be a float with LeBron, Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard and Talen Horton-Tucker. That’s not quite right or fair to the other players who contributed to winning the title.

Worse, James makes this suggestion at a time when the Lakers are reeling.

The Lakers are currently 26-31, ninth in the Western Conference. They have lost three in a row and seven of their last ten.

Hard to imagine Lakers fans wanting to celebrate the past while the current is a mess, curated by James, the de facto GM.

And we can assume that James would tell Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony to stay home and hide. The rest of the current Lakers would not be able to participate in the parade. It would certainly be inconvenient.

You can bet most Lakers fans would have been more excited if LeBron had come up with a plan to change the fate of the team as the season starts to melt away quickly.

The only parade Lakers fans have seen lately was opponents making layups against the matador’s defenses. The Lakers, the oldest team in the league, don’t play a shred of defense. It’s embarrassing.

And the same goes for LeBron trying to hijack another moment in the spotlight. There was no need.

On Sunday, LeBron was a spectator. Instead, he turned himself into a spectacle. And it was shameless.

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