Last Man Down Movie Ending Explained: Who Really Killed Stone?


“Last Man Down” directed by Fansu Njie and released in 2021, is a work of science fantasy (post-apocalyptic). This film describes the story of John Wood, who lived in the woods, and his brother, Stone. After the death of his wife, he quit his job and quietly went to live in the forest. There he discovered some secrets to protect humanity.

“Last Man Down” has many unexpected ups and downs. Sometimes it will blow your mind and the next time may leave you confused. But its ending may take your breath away. Do you know the ending of “Last Man Down”? or Do you know who killed Stone? Let us make your day by explaining and revealing the meaning of the ending.

Summary of “Last Man Down”

Before getting acquainted with the ending, we must have a clear understanding of the movie. So the film begins when a pandemic hits Europe and kills almost everyone. But those who are safe are moving north. The story takes a turn when John is held responsible for the disappearance of five hundred people. What he denies. He is interrogated by Commander Stone. Stone attempts to expose John’s information by kidnapping his wife. But John’s answer remains the same. The cruel Commander Stone kills his wife in front of him.

This incident breaks John and he begins to live in the woods. After three years, we find that John was immune to the virus. Doctors start making antidotes from his blood. And he began to live in the current state of mind.

One night, he gives refuge to an injured woman who ran away from Commander Stone’s refuge. Her name was Maria. She recognizes that she is the only cure for the virus and that is why Stone captured her. Maria and John team up to defeat Stone.

The story takes another unexpected turn when we learn that Stone is John’s older brother. But the reveal doesn’t affect the so-called villain-hero relationship between them. John challenged Stone to a one-on-one fight and lied that he killed Maria. The fight ends with Stone’s death. Before the military could kill John, Maria came out of hiding and imposed a condition on them. She says she would only surrender if they left John unharmed. When John arrives at his house, he discovers that Maria has left a few drops of her blood at his house.

Last man shot

“Last Man Down” ending explained

Fans couldn’t connect with Stone and John’s relationship as there was little information available to actually feel they were brothers. There wasn’t even a single similarity between them when they worked together in the military. Although at first there were some exchanges of words between the two which could be taken as a clue.

Halfway through the movie, we got another clue when Stone mentioned him as a friend. It was at this point that Stone finally addressed him as a brother. John’s hatred had been present since childhood when their father treated John better than him. He felt ignorance when his father favored John for his woodcutting abilities. We saw this scene at the beginning of the film.

In the fight, Stone draws a gun on John but he cannot shoot him as he feels a sense of kindness for his brother. In the end, we couldn’t say who actually killed Stone. Was it Stone, who committed suicide, or was it John, who killed his brother?

A scene from Last Man Down.

Cast of Last Man Down

The actors of the movie “Last Man Down” are – Daniel Stisen (John Wood), Olga Kent (Maria Johnson), Madeleine Vall Bejiner (Granite), Daniel Nehme (Stone), Stephanie Siadatan (Emilia) and Stanislav Yanaevski (Dr Feltspat)

The movie “Last Man Down” didn’t offer much clarity to its fans other than what we discussed in the article. The revelation didn’t interest us much. There were a lot of unanswered questions like What happened with Maria? Or Who Killed Stone? The movie “Last Man Down” completely ignores the relationship between Stone and John. The ending could have been much better if we had been made to understand their relationship.

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