Lady Gaga felt like a ‘nasty kid’ as she bragged about her kissing scene with Salma Hayek in House Of Gucci!

Lady Gaga feels 'annoying kid at school' for bragging about Salma Hayek's kiss
Lady Gaga continued to brag about her kiss scene with Salma Hayek in House Of Gucci (Pic Credit: Instagram/salmahayek, ladygaga)

Actress-singer Lady Gaga says she felt like “the annoying kid in school” for bragging about kissing Salma Hayek on the set of House of Gucci.

Appearing on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ this week, Gaga said: “(Salma’s) walked around the house and the camera followed her feet and all her cats followed her, and Salma – to let the cats follow her – she puts a bunch of catnip in her boots and the cats follow her.

Lady Gaga continued: ‘Then we are surrounded by cats and we start kissing – and I kissed Salma Hayek. I really am, you know, an annoying kid at school who brags about kissing the popular girl but has no proof.’

The ‘Telephone’ singer shared the scene, which was cut from the final film, was her idea, and she got Salma’s permission before making her move, reports

Lady Gaga added: “I said, ‘Okay, so I was thinking, you know, after the hit on Maurizio airs and you get the call that he’s dead, I’ll walk over and kiss you,’ and she’s like, ‘WHAT?’ “

Her comments come after Gaga first opened up about the scene while appearing on a panel earlier this month.

She said: “There’s a whole side of this movie that you haven’t seen where Pina and I developed a sexual relationship.

“Director’s cut, who knows? But this is proof of (Ridley Scott) as a director because he allowed us to go there. I remember being on set with Salma saying, ‘So if Maurizio dies, maybe it’ll be hot?’ “

Salma Hayek – who was also on the panel – joked: “Do you think she’s kidding…”

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