KPOP.FLEX Adds New Date & Announces Line-up Change


KPOP.FLEX is an upcoming European K-pop festival 2022, billed as the first K-pop group mega-concert to take place in Europe. As Kpop.Flex previously said, it is supposed to provide five hours of entertainment, with a total lineup of thirteen popular K-pop acts. The festival was originally only scheduled to take place on May 14, 2022, at Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt, Germany. But due to high demand and good feedback from fans, KPOP.FLEX went ahead and announced that they will be adding another date to the concert, along with a brand new lineup that will be performing that day- the ! So, now the festival is supposed to take place on May 14-15, 2022. It should have only caused joyful excitement among the fans, but currently KPOP.FLEX is facing a lot of criticism from people who had previously purchased tickets. , for some reason.

As it turns out, KPOP.FLEX announced a change in the programming order as well as the addition of a new concert date, and this change of line-up made the fans furious! It was previously announced that MONSTA X would be performing on May 14, so many people who were particularly interested in seeing MONSTA X perform bought their tickets. But on February 14, KPOP FLEX officials announced that MONSTA X could not perform on May 14 and their performance had been postponed to May 15, and their Starship Ent. sister group IVE would replace them on May 14. The reasons for this change that they cited were that MONSTA X had to withdraw for “official national reasons”.

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Fans Upset By KPOP.FLEX – MONSTA X Concert Postponed

In their official apology, KPOP FLEX mentioned that Saturday ticket holders can request a ticket exchange for May 15, or they can request a refund. But obviously the fans are not happy with this deal because according to them KPOP.FLEX did not take into account that many fans would come to Germany from all over Europe and had already booked tickets. potentially non-refundable plane and hotel rooms to attend the concert on the 14th. Fans are also upset that MONSTA X was originally supposed to be the main act of the concert and is now replaced by a group of recruits. They took to Twitter to express their anger at the management of KPOP.FLEX.

KPOP.Flex Change of line-up and announcement of additional dates on Twitter | cr: Twitter @kpop_flex

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KPOP.FLEX’s New Lineup Announced On Valentine’s Day

The artists present on KPOP FLEX on the 14thand of May are Kai (EXO), (G)I-DLE, IVE, Mamamoo, NCT Dream, ENHYPHEN, and AB6IX.

Day two was added due to “overwhelming demand” and love from fans.

flexible kpop
Programming of the first day of the KPOP.FLEX 2022 festival. | cr: Twitter @kpop_flex

KPOP.FLEX composition for the 15and of may is MONSTA X, AB6IX, IVE, (G)I-DLE, ONEUS, and another group that has yet to be announced! Stay tuned to find out who the final group would be. Hopefully this will be a band that can make some fans happy after the schedule debacle.

According to the official KPOP FLEX Twitter, former Saturday ticket holders will have access to the presale from February 15, 2022, 10:00 CET. And the general sale of KPOP.FLEX concert tickets starts on February 17, 2022.

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KPOP.FLEX adds new date and announces line-up change
Programming of day 2 of the KPOP.FLEX 2022 festival. | cr: Twitter @kpop_flex

KPOP.FLEX is the very first multi-group K-pop concert to take place in Europe. KPOP.FLEX officials have announced their goals for European K-pop audience growth with a five-year plan that will target the European continent.

Besides the performances, festival attendees were also promised a gallery of original artwork created by a plethora of talented K-pop idols, including WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon and former SUPER JUNIOR member Henry Lau. Fans can also purchase limited edition prints of these works on site.

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