Kimi Ending Explained: Who Is The One In The Audio?


Prior to her role as Catwoman in The Batman, Zoe Kravitz stars in Kimi, a new series exclusive to HBO Max. The film is a tight pandemic thriller directed by Contagion and No Sudden Move director Steven Soderbergh and follows Kravitz as a computer scientist who stumbles upon a piece of audio she believes is evidence of a murder. Let’s talk about what happened in Kimi’s ending and what happens next.

The suspenseful thriller, which received mostly excellent reviews, begins with Zoe Kravitz’s Angela Childs working to boost the intelligence of “Kimi”, a digital assistant similar to Alexa or Siri. Angela, who suffers from agoraphobia, currently resides in Seattle during the COVID-19 outbreak. She lives in a large house with lots of windows so she can watch her neighbors across the street, including two of the film’s main characters, a man named Terry (played by Byron Bowers), who she casually saw, and a mysterious spectator. (Devin Ratray).

She spends her days listening to recordings she calls “streams,” in which random people have asked Kimi something, and she hasn’t been able to understand or respond appropriately. Angela listens to the audio and modifies the Kimi program to make it more capable of distinguishing tricky commands. Now, we’ll delve deeper into its ending, so warning spoilers ahead.

Kimi Ending Explained: Kimi to the Rescue

At first, Angela manages to outrun the thugs chasing her. But the villain responsible, Jaime Camil, assures the CEO that he can find her with the help of a super-hacker named Yuri. Despite Angela’s best efforts to turn off her phone, the thugs manage to locate her just as she approaches the FBI offices. Angela is drugged and taken back to her apartment by the goons. Angela overhears them discussing how they are going to kill her and make it look like a car accident on the way.


Angela and the goons are stopped at her apartment door by a man she has never seen before but knows her name. It’s the same guy we saw before with binoculars watching him. He seems to be aware that she is in danger and tries to help her but is stabbed by a thug. We later learn that his name is Kevin and that he is a fellow agoraphobic when he and Angela are held at gunpoint in Angela’s apartment. Angela was in trouble, and Kevin knew it since he knew she rarely left his apartment.

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Angela receives an incoming FaceTime call from her mother while the thugs search for the audio files on Angela’s laptop to destroy them. “KIMI, answer the FaceTime call on the laptop,” Angela said to her KIMI device. Before the men can shut down the computer, Angela’s mother notices the men in her apartment. Whoops! Angela then asks KIMI to turn off the lights and turn up the music, and she uses the distraction to flee. Angela enters the apartment above hers through the crawl space of her closet. She improvises a weapon from a nail gun and kills two thugs, including the leader, Jaime Camil. Kevin saves the day by stabbing the third thug.

There’s a knock on her door shortly after she kills the men. Terry, the cute boy across the street, bought her flowers. Angela accepts the flowers and orders KIMI to dial 911 to send an emergency vehicle to one stabbing victim and three dead victims.

Who raped and killed the woman in the audio?

Angela is in such a dangerous position in Kimi because the rapist is the CEO of the company she works for, Bradley Hasling, who is actively trying to cover up the murder of the woman he raped. He ordered the men who followed Angela throughout the film to murder her and then follow her to remove all evidence of rape and murder.

Explanation of Kimi's ending
Bradley Hasling

Hasling is the man who is first seen in a meeting at Kimi’s debut and later shown in a flashback image as being the one who delivered the woman he raped Kimi to. Hasling is arrested at the end of the film because Angela was listening and chose to investigate further.

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