Kenisha Awasthi, daughter of ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ singer Swapna Awasthi, receives death and R*pe threats from Raftaar fans

Kenisha Awasthi, daughter of 'Chaiyya Chaiyya' singer Swapna Awasthi, receives death and R*pe threats from Raftaar fans
‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ singer daughter Kenisha trolled by Raftaar fans (Photo Credit – Kenisha Awasthi / Instagram)

Actress Kenisha Awasthi, who is also the daughter of ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ singer Swapna Awasthi, is currently subjected to cybersexual harassment from fans of Indian rapper and music producer Raftaar.

It all started after she answered a question asking, ‘Who does she love more? Emiway Bantai or Raftaar.” She chose Emiway’s name to provide context that categorically explains how she shares a long-lasting friendship with him and how grateful she is that he is always a supporter of hers.

This caused the self-proclaimed fans of Raftaar to get excited. Shortly after, the actress received death threats and r*pe threats in her DM and comment sections.

Speaking about the ordeal she is going through thanks to the toxic environment on her social media, Kenisha said: “I am horrified, disheartened and a little scared seeing how vicious this toxic fandom phenomenon can be. It was a simple question I was asked. , and I chose one.

“I never said that the other is bad or worse. All I said was that I’m not attracted to his music. I see nothing wrong with it.”

She said she wouldn’t mind innocently trolling, but right now things are really getting out of hand. “I have been receiving constant death and rape threats. Expressing displeasure is fine and harmless trolling is also okay, but threatening on sexual and physical grounds is simply not done.”

Therefore, the actress plans to seek help from Mumbai’s cybercrime department and plans to file an FIR regarding the case after thorough consultation with her legal team: “That’s why I’m turning to the cyber police for help because this a security concern. It makes me sad to think about what women would go through if they were bullied online.”

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