Kengan Omega Chapter 148: Release Date & Spoilers


Kengan Omega Chapter 147 mainly showed the events after the Kengan vs Purgatory tournament. We see how Erioh Kure’s funeral brought all the fighters together again. The underworld is going through seemingly peaceful days and Koga has already made his debut in Kengan matches. However, “peace” is a luxury our Kengan fighters cannot afford. The chapter ended with Gaoh Ryuki meeting Kiryu Setsuna to set the world back. What are they planning to do? We will find out in Kengan Omega Chapter 148.

Meanwhile, Koga meets Ohma after three long months. After spending a happy day together, Koga challenges Ohma to a fight. Ohma at first considered it a childish request, but Koga was damn serious about it. Will Ohma start fighting again at the request of his kouhai? We bring you the latest Kengan Omega manga chapter updates.

Kengan Omega Chapter 148 Spoiler and Raw Scans

Kengan Omega Chapter 148 will tell us what Kiryu and Gaoh meant to “set the world in order”. Do they really have a noble cause behind their action? Or are they referring to the domination of the underworld and modifying it as they wish? We have few clues about their true intentions at this time. Hopefully the next chapter will give us more clarity on Kengan Omega’s next arc.

Kengan Omega Chapter 148
Ohma Tokita ready to fight again

A few kilometers from them, Ohma will face Koga. Koga must have had something up his sleeves that made him confident enough to challenge Ohma. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Ohma fight, so I can’t wait to see the next chapter. Raw scans and spoilers for Kengan Omega Chapter 148 will be released on Tuesday, February 23, 2022. Don’t forget to check back. We will keep the section updated for you.

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Kengan Omega Chapter 147 Recap

Chapter 147 mainly revolves around the happy days of the Kengan Association after the Kengan Tournament against Purgatory. Although there are members of Worm roaming freely, it seems that they are not much of a threat yet. We also see the flashbacks of Erioh Kure’s funeral. Although it’s an incredibly sad day for the battle arena, it does kind of rekindle the flames of unity among Kengan’s fighters. They are a better team now and are ready to take on anything that comes their way.

Kengan Omega Chapter 148
Narushima Koga

At Ohkei University, Koga became very popular among his fellow college students. He visits Hayami Masaki, who has joined the judo club, just like Meguro Masaki’s debut. Koga’s main intention was to console Hayami upon his father’s death. He didn’t know that Hayami was the one who killed his father in cold blood. After Katsumasa’s death, Masaki’s uncle Katsujiro becomes the new president of Toyo Electric. He says the business has returned to stability under his uncle.

After having a meal with Hayami, Koga goes to meet Ohma. Koga has trained very hard since his debut in the Kengan Association. He had a hard time fighting someone who had a losing streak, so he thinks his next trip won’t be any easier. He has a fun day with Ohma, wandering around and chatting. Just as they were about to part ways, Koga challenges Ohma to a fight. Meanwhile, in another corner of town, Gaoh Ryuki encounters Kiryu Setsuna and embarks on a journey to bring the world back to its rightful place.

Kengan Omega Chapter 148 Release Date

Kengan Omega Chapter 148 will be released on February 24, 2021. New chapters are dropped between Wednesday and Thursday each week.

Where to read Kengan Omega Chapter 148?

Kengan Omega Chapter 148 will be freely available to read on Comikey official website but only for a few years. If you are late, you will need to upgrade to a paid subscription. The manga is also available on various pirate websites, but it is better not to rely on piracy as it will not support the author in any way.

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