Keanu Reeves Being Immortal To Taylor Swift Is A Clone Of Satanic Leader

Keanu Reeves, Taylor Swift, Beyonce & More have crazy conspiracy theories going around;  Here are a few!
Keanu Reeves, Taylor Swift, Beyonce and more celebrities with crazy rumors surrounding them (Photo Credit – Instagram; Wikipedia)

When it comes to celebrities, there are many rumors that float around easily. From celebrities who are part of a secret organization to some who are clones, alien, immortal and what not! The world is filled with such speculations. Keanu Reeves, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and many more such A-listers have quite a few crazy rumors going around.

While such speculations always turn out to be false, some devoted fans have formed groups devoted to theories surrounding the celebrities. Let’s take a look at some crazy rumors surrounding some world famous people.

Keanu Reeves is immortal

Although it started as a joke, many people began to speculate whether it was true. For the inexperienced, there is a long running rumor that The Matrix actor is immortal as there are several historical people who look a lot like Reeves.

Beyoncé faked her pregnancy

While the chances of Keanu Reeves being immortal are extremely slim, we’d love to see that rumor be true. The next one is about Queen B. Several fans speculate that she faked her pregnancy with Blue Ivy. Beyonce and Jay Z were rumored to have their first child via surrogacy after a video of the singer during her pregnancy went viral.

The claims were based on the video, in which Queen B’s stomach folded slightly. However, she made it clear to everyone that this is made up and untrue.

Taylor Swift is a clone of the former satanic leader

Yes, you read that right! The web is full of this rumor surrounding Taylor after a woman named Zeena LaVey, a former Church of Satan high priestess, bore an uncanny resemblance to the pop singer.

Jennifer Lopez assured her b*tt

Many people also insure a certain part of their body for a fortune. There was a long-running rumor that JLo insured her behind for a whopping $27 million. However, it was clearly just speculation and Lopez denied it.

Elvis Presley is alive

If you thought Keanu Reeves being immortal sounded crazy, we’ve got another one in line for you. The King of Rock and Roll, who died in 1977, is believed by many to still be alive. If true, he would be 87 years old today.

Beyoncé kidnapped Sia

It seems as if Queen B never gets a rest as there is another crazy rumor floating around her. In 2016, a conspiracy theory surfaced that Bee had taken the singer Sia hostage. This rumor started after Sia said that working with the Formation singer is like a writing camp. People misinterpreted this and there was once #SaveSia trending.

Keanu Reeves, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez are some of the few celebrities who have crazy rumors going around. Many more, such as Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, are part of such conspiracy theories.

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