Kanye West Wants His Fans To Yell ‘Kimye Forever’ When They See Pete Davidson Trying To Get Kim Kardashian Back

Kanye West's many social media outbursts include asking fans to yell 'Kimye Forever' at Pete Davidson
Kanye West dissses Pete Davidson on his Instagram (Pic Credit: Instagram/Wikipedia)

Kanye West has been raging on social media and things are escalating between him, Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian. Many things have gone wrong since Kim and Ye filed for divorce last year. But nothing compares to the rapper’s outbursts on social media at the comedian as he tries to get back to his estranged wife.

For the inexperienced, when the couple broke up, Kim did a gig on SNL with Pete, and shortly after, they started dating rumours. Meanwhile, West was in a relationship with Julia Fox, who has reportedly not broken up. As Kim and Pete’s romance intensified, Kanye began speaking to the comedian.

Kanye West took to his Instagram to rant and post angry outbursts, some of which have now been deleted. In one of the posts, Ye asked his fans to yell at Pete Davidson when they see him to support West’s family. The post features a ton of supportive messages from his fans, while in the caption he wrote, “THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING MY FAMILY… MY FAMILY MEANS MORE TO ME THAN ANY OTHER DUTY IN LIFE.”

“IF EVERYONE LOVES ME AND MY FAMILY IF YOU SEE SKETE IN REAL LIFE SHOUT AT THE LOOSE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS AND SAY KIMYE FOREVER,” Kanye West added with a broken heart emoji. Ye also shared screenshots of his conversations with Kim Kardashian, who said he is creating a dangerous situation that could lead to something happening to Pete Davidson.

For that reason, Ye also asked his fans not to do anything physical with Pete and even added that he will resolve the situation on his own. In between all this, the rapper also bought Kim K a truckload of flowers after his breakup with Julia Fox.

Meanwhile, in between all this drama, Pete Davidson is said to be hitting the big road by not getting into the middle of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s divorce.

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