Kangana Ranaut lashed out at ‘Nazma Aapi’ Saloni Gaur for mimicking her, artist says “I don’t care what she says…”

Saloni Gaur Reveals How He Gets Slammed By Kangana Ranaut
Saloni Gaur says Kangana Ranaut thrashed her on Twitter after impersonating the actress in her videos (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Saloni Gaur, known by her comedic name Nazma Aapi, came into the limelight after her satirical take on almost everything went viral. On many occasions, Gaur has impersonated Bollywood’s controversy queen Kangana Ranaut and in the recent interview, the comedian talks about being flogged by the actress and reveals how she reacted to it.

She introduced her character Nazma in 2018, tackling social issues along with Saloni having made videos about the Citizenship Amendment Act, Delhi pollution and the Union Budget 2020. In November 2020, she landed her own show Uncommon Sense With Saloni. on Sony Live.

Some of Saloni Gaur’s videos were renditions of Kangana Ranaut, causing the comedian to face criticism from the actress on her social media. She focused on Kangana’s tweets, telling Hindustan Times: “We haven’t met, but Kangana knows about it (my rendition). She lashed out at me a few times on social media. But that was fine. I really enjoyed reading what she wrote. I respect her for her acting skills; she’s amazing. I don’t care what she says because that’s her personal belief system.”

Not only Kangana Ranaut but her fans have also cheated Saloni Gaur for impersonating the Thalaivi actresses. Speaking of the same, she adds, “I can stop making these videos any day and any time. I could mimic her, but I’m the one who’s been in charge ever since I write the scripts. People know me because Nazma Aapi. If people troll me in a funny way, I don’t mind. I’m not one to rock when people laugh at me. Itna bahot criticize chalta hai.”

Finally, on breaking her comedic image after her acting debut on an OTT show titled Campus Diaries, she said, “What I’ve done so far has been mostly comedy. I’ve done a satire show before. My sketches were also comedic. People have seen me do nothing but comedy. When I found out that I have to play a relatively serious character who is rebellious, I thought it would be a challenge. Hopefully I will now have more opportunities to act.”

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