Kang Ha Neul Confirmed For Upcoming KBS Drama


It’s Confirmed – Kang Ha Neul will return to the small screen with KBS2’s upcoming drama “Trees Die On Their Feet” (literal translation of the Korean title). Kang Ha Neul has been in talks to appear in the drama since October 2021, and his agency recently confirmed that this critically acclaimed Korean actor will indeed be returning to your TV screens very soon. Kang Ha Neul will play the role of Yoo Jae Heon. Additionally, veteran actress Youn Yuh Jung is also in talks to play the lead role of Geum Soon. Additionally, famous South Korean starlet Son Ye Jin’s appearance on “Trees Die on Their Feet” as Se Yeon is all but confirmed by her agency. Veteran actor Sung Dong Il was also confirmed as Jung Sang Cheol not too long ago.

The drama “Trees Die on Their Feet” will be directed by Yoon Sang Ho, who has previously worked in dramas like Saimdang, Light’s Diary (2017) and River Where the Moon Rises (2021). The plot of “Trees Die on Their Feet” tells of the dying wish of an elderly woman who left North Korea to see her grandson for the last time. Some character details, including Yoo Jae Heon (played by Kang Ha Neul), have been revealed. Viewers are buzzing with anticipation as more storylines are slowly revealed as more cast members are added to the drama. The character sketches are below.

Trees Die on Their Feet: Character Sketches by Kang Ha Neul and Others

Kang Ha Neul will play the role of Yoo Jae Heon. The character is portrayed as an optimistic personality who overflows with self-love and self-esteem. His motto in life is “do whatever our heart desires!” Yoo Jae Heon is a theater actor in a local theater company. The drama follows the big turning point in Jae Heon’s life when an old man suggests that he should “play the role of a grandmother’s precious grandson.”

Furthermore, Coming Soon (speaking of being played by Youn Yuh Jung) is a woman born in the 1930s in Hamgyeong-Do. After suffering from the Korean War, she descends to the south of the country, after which she is separated from her family. Eventually, she became the founder and manager of the famous hotel chain in Korea called “Paradise Hotel” or “Nakwon Hotel”. Her last wish is to be able to see her grandson for the last time.

Kang Ha Neul
Youn Yuh Jung

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Too, Jung Sang Cheol (played by Sung Dong Il) is the former manager of Nakwon Hotel and Geum Soon’s right-hand man even after stepping down from his managerial position. He is portrayed to help Geum Soon like family and stays close to her like her secretary.

Kang Ha Neul
Sung Dong Il

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Find out more about Kang Ha Neul

Kang Ha Neul has established himself as a versatile player in various areas of the Korean entertainment industry. Beginning his career as a musical actor in theaters, he later became a popular actor in television dramas such as the 2012 SBS drama To the Beautiful You and the 2013 MNET drama Monster. He received critical acclaim for his realistic and mature portrayal of the role of Jang Baek Gi in the 2014 TVN drama Misaeng: Incomplete Life.

Kang Ha Neul
Kang Ha Neul

He starred in popular sageuk dramas like Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016) and romantic dramas like When The Camellia Blooms (2019), which made him a household name in his home country and earned him great popularity all over the world. The list of films in which he appeared is no less impressive in itself either. He had roles in films like Likes for Likes (2016), Dongju: Portrait of An Artist (2016) and Midnight Runners (2017). His last film will be The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure, released on January 26, 2022.

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