K-Pop Idols Who Have Criminal Records!


With the globalization of K-Wave, a large number of young fans have started to treat K-Pop idols as their literal “idols”. And with their heartbreaking stories of rise to fame and the hard work and dedication they put into every performance, that might not seem like a bad thing. But the Kpop industry is huge and fans were shocked to learn that the idols they thought were perfect and could do no wrong have been at the center of horrible controversies. Most Kpop idols start training at a very young age and face a lot of pressure, hateful comments and uncertainty about the future. For this reason, many K-pop idols tend to have criminal records, and we’ll take a look at them here.

In most cases, interns are not allowed to see friends or family members very often, which leaves them depressed and lonely. Under such circumstances, most Kpop idols succumb to drugs and other illegal activities. You will be shocked to learn that some Kpop idols are accused of rape, drunk driving and even domestic violence under their name. Keep reading to see if any of your favorite Kpop idols are on this list.

K-Pop idols who have criminal records:

1. PSY

We all know PSY for his “Gangnam Style”, but he also served time in prison for marijuana use and possession. Long before he became a global sensation that even the UN Secretary General wanted to collaborate with, PSY was arrested for possession of marijuana in 2001. Additionally, PSY served twenty-five days in prison. And we know what we know that twenty-five days seems like a short time during which nothing would change. However, PSY, whose real name is Park Jae Sang, lost his grandfather and was unable to attend his funeral. In an interview, PSY admits that he will forever regret this period of his life.

Kpop idols with criminal records
PSY cr: Nation P

2. Big Bang G-Dragon

Big Bang is one of the most popular groups in all of Kpop. And if Bigbang is popular, then G-Dragon is the king of popularity. He ruled the Kpop industry with popular songs like “Crayon”, “One Of A Kind” and “That XX”. G-Dragon is so popular that he is known as the idol of idols. However, G-Dragon is also notorious for his 2015 indictment for smoking marijuana. Although there is no photographic evidence and he has never served a prison sentence, G-Dragon’s marijuana use is well-known news in the Kpop industry.

G-Dragon cr: YG Entertainment

3. EXO’s Baekhyun

Shocked? U.S. too. Who knew the cutie from world famous boy group EXO would be able to do something illegal. Well, Baekhyun was under the red light when photos from his past surfaced, and there was photographic evidence of him drinking and underage smoking. More details about his dark past continued to come out. However, neither Baekhyun nor SM Entertainment addressed the issue. After a while, the photos were also deleted from the internet, and sources who claimed Baekhyun was a “bad kid” also went silent. Baekhyun is another Kpop idol who did not serve any prison time for his illegal activities.

Kpop idols with criminal records
Baekhyun cr: SM Entertainment

4. Nichkhun from 2 p.m.

For those of you who don’t already know him, Nichkhun is a Thai American singer, rapper, actor, and model who is 1/6th of Korean boy band 2 PM. His career is currently in full swing with a Hollywood movie project in the works. However, in the summer of 2012, Nichkhun was caught driving under the influence. While driving in Seoul’s Gangnam district, Nichkhun allegedly crashed into a motorcycle driver. Police confirmed that his blood alcohol level was over 0.056%, which resulted in the revocation of his driver’s license. After the incident, Nichkhun apologized and paused to reflect on his actions. As of now, Nichkhun is back in the Kpop industry and is also setting foot in the theater industry.

Nichkhun cr: JYP Entertainment

5. TOP from Bigbang

TOP, real name Choi Seung Hyun, is another BigBang member who made the list. In addition, TOP is versatile. He can sing, dance, rap and also act. TOP has also reached massive heights as a soloist. His singles ‘Turn It Up’ and ‘Doom Dada’. Not only is TOP enjoying success in the music industry, but he also received the Blue Dragons Film Award and Baeksang Arts Awards for his work in 71: Into The Fire. However, in 2017, as TOP was completing his military service, it was learned that TOP had smoked marijuana in late 2016.

TOP cr: YG Entertainment

Although he initially denied all the allegations, his agency YG Entertainment later released a statement confirming that he had confessed and apologized for his actions. Shortly after the marijuana scandal, TOP slipped into a drug scandal. A few days after his confession, TOP was taken to the hospital due to a drug overdose. It was later revealed that the drugs had been prescribed for him. However, on this occasion, he had taken more than necessary. After receiving treatment, TOP attended his trial and was admitted on all four counts of marijuana use, after which he received two years of probation.

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6. Ailee

Korean American singer, Amy Jung, is better known by her stage name Ailee. And if you’re a Kdrama fan, there’s no way you haven’t heard of Ailee’s beautiful voice. His OSTI will come to you like the first snow‘for the mega-popular kdrama’Guardian: the lonely and great God‘ became the best-selling record and the most successful song of 2016. In addition, Ailee is recognized as one of the best female artists in all of Korea.

Kpop idols with criminal records
Ailee cr: Muzo Entertainment

However, a news site released private photos of Ailee while promoting her debut album in Japan. It was later revealed that Ailee’s ex-boyfriend was the vice director of content creation on the website. Ailee’s agency, YMC Entertainment, decided to file a lawsuit and continue the promotions. However, as more videos leaked, Ailee was charged with underage pornography. The singer, however, was quick to do so, as a detailed investigation never took place.

7. Dasom of Sistar

Kim Da Som is a former member of the infamous Kpop girl group Sistar. Besides being a singer, Dasom has acted in Kdramas such as melody of love, The virtual brideand He is psychometric. Shortly after Sistar’s debut, news that the group’s maknae was a bad apple spread like wildfire. It was revealed by his former classmates and victims that Dasom used to drink, smoke, steal and bully children during his high school days. One after another, there was an abundance of comments with claims ranging from Dosam putting cigarette ash in their hair to rounding up all his friends to beat up someone. However, it was never confirmed whether the sources were legitimate or not, and other than the damage done to her image, Kim Dosam was unharmed.

Kpop idols with criminal records
Kim Dasom cr: Star J Company

8. Hyung Joong

Do you remember sweet Yoon Ji Ho from “Boys Over Flowers”? Well, he was part of one of Kpop’s biggest controversies. For those of you who don’t know, Hyung Joong was the main rapper and leader of boyband “SS501.” In August 2014, Hyung Joong’s girlfriend filed an assault complaint against him. She claimed that he repeatedly beat her, which left her with scars and bruises. However, Hyung Joong denied all the claims and said he only injured her once by accident while practicing martial arts.

Additionally, Hyung Joong was acquitted of all charges as there was no hospital bill to prove his ex-girlfriend received six-month treatment for his fractured ribs. However, the drama didn’t end there, as his ex-girlfriend once again claimed that she had to have a miscarriage because of Hyun Joong in 2014. Once again, it was proven that his ex-girlfriend was not pregnant at that time. The prosecution then demanded that ex-girlfriend Choi pay a fine of 5 million won for the damage she caused to Hyung Joong’s image.

Kim Hyun Joong cr: Henecia Music

9. Bom Park of 2NE1

South Korean singer Park Bom rose to fame after her debut as a singer in the popular Kpop Girl Group, 2NE1. Additionally, Park Bom’s solo releases “You and I” and “Don’t Cry” topped the Gaon Digital Charts. In 2016, after 2NE1 disbanded, Park Bom moved from YG Entertainment to D-Nation Entertainment.

Park Bom cr: D-Nation Entertainment

In 2014, Park Bom’s order of Adderall pills, then banned in Korea, was intercepted by authorities. When questioned, the agency released a statement that Park Bom was prescribed the drugs to help with his ADHD. Therefore, Park Bom never had to serve a prison sentence.

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