‘Juvenile Justice’: Cast, Plot, & Release Date


We released some amazing k-dramas this month. With the last week of February 2022 underway, another k-drama is about to take over screens. The legal thriller and drama “Juvenile Justice” will finally be released last week. Unlike many previous lawyer-focused k-dramas, “Juvenile Justice” will be a little different. As the name suggests, the k-drama will focus on the underage delinquents in society. The trailer for the show is already out and the fans are waiting for the episodes to be released soon. From casting to plot, here’s everything you need to know about “Juvenile Justice.”

The story of the upcoming k-drama will follow elite judge Sim Eun Sook. The judge is cold, asocial and prefers to keep things to herself. One thing Judge Eun Sook hates the most is a minor offender. And with the crimes committed by minors becoming violent over time, that baffles her. To avoid trouble at all costs, Eun Sook is assigned to the local juvenile court for the new session. With control in her hands, Eun Sook is determined to punish those who deserve it, regardless of age.

The cast of “Juvenile Justice”: Kim Hye Soo as Sim Eun Sook

The cast and the characters

“Juvenile Justice” has some of the most incredible actors. Known for her role in the 2016 k-drama “Signal,” Kim Hye Soo will finally be back in the lead role after years. The actress will play the role of judge Sim Eun Sook. Intolerant of problems and determined to get to the root cause of problems. Get to know the heinous crimes committed by teenagers and the mess they got themselves into. She will bend the rules to catch them all. While her comrades tell her to have pity on the children, she doesn’t feel like she has any. Kim Mu Yeol, famous in “Bad Guys: City of Evil”, will play the role of Cha Tae Ju, another jury judge. While he has a tender heart and pities children whose middle names are problematic because of their age.

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Going deeper into the matter, even he is shocked by the limitations. Famous Lee Sung Min from “Misaeng: Incomplete Life” will also join the cast. He will play the role of Kang Won Joong, the leader of the research team. “Parasite” celebrity Lee Jung Eun will also join the cast, playing fellow judge Na Geun Hee. It’s unclear which side she’ll be on, but we saw her asking the stranger if he seemed like someone to make people a criminal. The supporting cast with unnamed roles, for now, includes Shin Jae Hwi, Lee Yeon, Shim Dal Gi, Hwang Hyun Jeong, Song Deok Ho, Kim Do Geon, Jang Dae Woong, and Lee Bom.

'Juvenile Justice'
The cast of “Juvenile Justice”: Kim Mu Yeol as Cha Tae Joo

‘Juvenile Justice’ Episode Schedule and Episode 1 Release Date

All episodes of the upcoming k-drama ‘Juvenile Justice’ will be released at once on Friday, February 25, 2022. The k-drama was originally scheduled to release on January 25, 2022, but was delayed for a month. “Juvenile Justice” will have ten episodes in total. And each episode will be around 60 minutes long. A teaser for k-dramas has been released. We can see the hatred and disgust for juvenile offenders on Eun Sook’s face.

Along with it, cases include teenagers committing crimes like prostitution, assault, theft, and more. As the other judges ask her to be considerate and give them a second chance, Eun Sook becomes enraged. Telling them that children need to know the consequences that exist when they hurt other people, she embarks on her own investigation.

Where to watch “Juvenile Justice”?

“Juvenile Justice” will be available on the Netflix streaming platform.

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