Justin Bieber kicks off his Justice World Tour 2022 with a bang! Performs his signature moves on top of a mock plane in mid-air

Justin Bieber kicks off Justice World Tour with performance atop a fake plane that descended into the sky
Justin Bieber performs atop a fake plane hovering in the sky during his Justice World Tour (Photo: Instagram/justinbieber)

Justin Bieber knows how to give a concert. The pop star performed some of his famous signature moves while sitting atop a fake plane. The Peaches singer kicked off his highly anticipated Justice World Tour in San Diego, California with a bang. Recently, the singer made the news to buy the Bored Ape NFT for a whopping $1.3 million

As he celebrated entering the Bored Ape Yacht Club, netizens taunted him for buying the token five times more than its original value. Now the singer is making headlines for his highly anticipated tour, which will cover more than 90 dates in more than 20 countries.

As reported by HollywoodLife, Justin Bieber’s Justice World Tour kicked off in San Diego with the Baby Singer dancing atop a giant airplane prop suspended from the ceiling high above the Pechanga Arena stage. He wore black sweatpants, a white T-shirt and an orange puffer jacket for the above-ground period. During the show, he changed clothes.

Many celebrities were also spotted on the floor enjoying Justin Bieber’s outrageous performance, including Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith, Eddie Benjamin, ¿Téo?. Jaden Smith also performed his songs on the Justice World Tour. It has also been reported that the singer will be supporting special causes during the tour.

The pop singer always remains in the spotlight. Earlier, Justin’s video of him FaceTiming Charlie Puth to arrange an old beef went viral. The video showed Bieber confronting Puth for disapproving of him at a concert with JB’s ex Selena Gomez.

Justin Bieber revealed that Charlie Puth’s gimmick hurt his feelings, when everything was settled in the end. Now the singer is on his Justice World Tour, named after his latest album ‘Justice’. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more!

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