‘Junkyard Empire’ Filming Locations, Business Turned into Series


A car reality TV show is every car lover’s dream. Junkyard Empire is one of the most loved shows by a car enthusiast. The unique automotive reality show airing on the Discovery channel. The show has five seasons and Junkyard Empire Season 1 aired in 2015. Junkyard Empire Season 5 aired in 2020. Fans couldn’t watch their favorite car reality show due to the pandemic of COVID-19. Since then, there has been no news about the following seasons of the show. Junkyard Empire revolves around Andy and Bobby, where they work together to turn the worst automobiles into riches, but where is it filmed?

Half Meter Productions produced the famous automotive reality show Junkyard Empire. Junkyard Empire was a hit reality show, which encouraged the creators to release more and more seasons. Filming locations for a car reality TV show are fascinating, and car enthusiasts wonder what those locations are. So, here we are going to take a look at the theme, cast and filming location of Junkyard Empire transformed unique commercial series. Let’s dive into that.

Junkyard Empire Theme and Cast

A father-son duo is one of the best combinations. Junkyard Empire is based on a father-son duo. Father and son Bobby and Andy Cohen star in Junkyard Empire, where they turn some of the world’s oldest cars and trucks into riches. Not only do they run a full-service junkyard, but their son Andy has also started an on-site automotive customization and restoration business, where they convert mountains of junk into cars worth selling. The show turns the scrap metal into a brand new car, giving Bobby and Andy even more profit.

Pillars of the Junkyard Empire
Pillars of the Junkyard Empire: Andy and Bobby Cohen

The fact that Junkyard Empire fixes automobiles that ordinary people can use as everyday vehicles or promote their business is perhaps the best part of it. Sure, there are various car restoration TV shows, but each tuner seems to put their own stamp on the projects, and the results are sometimes questionable. Junkyard Empire, on the other hand, is known for treating vintage masterpieces with respect. Andy’s vision comes to life by flipping cars, which brings all of Andy’s ideas together. Junkyard Empire has had a lot of big twists in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

The main cast of Empire Junkyard is Andy Cohen and Bobby Cohen. The other cast of the series includes Blair Victor Brylawski, Danny Bowie, Tim Jumbelick and Tommy Bostic. The company-turned-salon creates wonders in the automotive field.

Where is “Junkyard Empire” filmed?

Junkyard Empire is one of the most unique concepts introduced by a father-son duo, where they take scrap metal into account and build an entirely new car. The two make it a family business, and they run the business successfully. Although the two clashed, the series is in its fifth season. Moving from one garage to another is quite a difficult task. That’s pretty much what the members of the Damascus Motors team do. Damascus Motors existed prior to the program’s inception, as previously asserted. It was not produced by a television channel. The concept was introduced by a father-son duo. The junkyard itself is full of abandoned muscle vehicles that will break your heart.

Junkyard Empire Damascus Motors

The Junkyard Empire was filmed at Maryland Damascus Motors. The family has a car business, and they’ve turned it into a car reality show, Junkyard Empire. However, the official Damascus Motors website does not say that the Junkyard Empire was filmed there. Damascus Motors, Maryland, is in the business of providing mechanical services to customers. They deal in auto repair, auto painting, collision repair, and restoration. The business-turned-spectacle resulted in a clash between father and son.

They both struggled to run the show. Bobby still ends up scrapped or on set, despite Andy officially taking over the show and the company. Because Andy is a very vocal person who can do anything, whereas Bobby is much more laid back, there will always be a compromise between the two, which adds to the tension between them.

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