Jim Harbaugh gets a new five-year deal from Michigan


Guess who has a new contract?

Guess who has a new contract?
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Apparently it is possible to play poker, bet big on a hand, fold and still win. At least it’s possible if you’re Jim Harbaugh.

Last month I got the wrong read on Harbaugh’s interview with the Vikings, assuming it was him who saw if he wanted to coach there, rather than the Vikings to see if Harbaugh was the right choice for them. Looks like Harbaugh had read that too, going to Minnesota with the intention of returning to the NFL, and seem a bit surprised that “I didn’t feel it was that way for either side.” Minnesota instead went with Rams assistant Kevin O’Connell, a first-time head coach.

The way it scanned was that if Harbaugh got that far, beyond the whispers and rumors that he might be interested in returning to the NFL, to actually interview an NFL team on the spot, it was because he left Michigan before that NFL job. Before you get to that point, as I wrote, “an NFL rumor could pave the way for getting that contract redone to stay in Ann Arbor.”

But Harbaugh got the new deal anyway, with Michigan announcing a new one five-year contract for his head coach. Gone is the five-year contract that Harbaugh signed last January in the wake of a 2-4 season and the end of a five-year bowl streak. Now Michigan is fresh off its first Big Ten title in 17 years, its first appearance in the College Football Playoff and undefeated by the state of Ohio for the past 809 days.

When you come crawl back somewhere, you usually don’t get rewarded for it. Somehow, Harbaugh has. Whether that turns out to be a good idea football-wise, or whether 2021 was the pinnacle of Michigan’s Harbaugh era, he somehow comes out a winner here.

And also the Knicks

There’s nothing I can say about the Knicks after their latest collapse that Stephen A. Smith didn’t get into his rant on ESPN.

It’s hard to believe it’s only been two and a half months since I was grateful for this team. We’ll always have… that one playoff series they made.

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