Jeon Somi Makeup Tutorial To Get ‘Anymore’ Look


Jeon Somi has finally blessed us with a makeup tutorial! Somi is one of the most talented and beautiful K-pop idols of all time! Debuting at the age of 14, Somi first performed on the stage of the survival program Sixteen with the other TWICE members, but was disqualified in the final round. She then starred in another survival program, Produce 101, and it looked like Somi had come there to conquer it all when she was announced as the first winner of the survival program and then debuted with the one of the most legendary groups. However IOI After the group disbanded, many had speculated that Somi might debut in HYP Entertainment’s upcoming group ITZY. She even graduated with ITZY members Ryujin and Chaeryoung.

However, we all know that Somi left JYP Entertainment and joined The Black Label as a solo artist. And boy, are we so proud of her. Besides being versatile, Somi is known for her out-of-this-world visuals and looks like a real barbie doll. Believe it or not, Somi is actually 1.72cm tall. She is really big! Now, if you were stunned by Somi in her Anymore MV and wanted a tutorial on her makeup in the music video, don’t worry. Somi herself brought a makeup tutorial to her Anymore look with Vogue.

Somi reveals her skincare routine in her makeup tutorial

Before we say anything, can we just appreciate Jeon Somi’s raw visuals? She is so beautiful without makeup. We could never relate. Now onto the first steps of the makeup tutorial by Somi herself. The first step is obvious, tie her hair. She starts by preparing her skin for makeup. Somi says she likes to use a homemade nutrition pack made from flour and ground almonds mixed with mashed banana. According to the K-pop star, although the leaf packs hydrate her face, this face mask is super nutritious. After washing off the face mask, Somi applies her Sabon min scrub, after which she puts thin cotton pads filled with Glacier Water hyaluronic acid serum on her cheekbones.

Somi makeup tutorial
Somi showing off her mask cr: Vogue

After applying the cotton pads, she massages her face with gua sha. The K-pop idol says gua sha is trending in Korea right now. Somi went on to say that whenever she and her K-pop idol friends discussed their makeup routines, they always talked about debuffs. It’s because K-pop idols are supposed to look perfect on camera all the time. Also, as Somi’s skin is very dry, she applies Propolis Synergy Toner. After that, Somi applied her serum – Propolis Light Ampule, magic cream, lip balm, and she was ready to do her makeup.

The K-pop star has the Anymore look

Somi starts her makeup by applying her eyebrow gel, then uses her Huda Beauty foundation. Additionally, Somi revealed that she’s pretty conscious about her dark circles since she’s been on stage, which is why she makes sure to cover them up. On top of that, Somi revealed that when she thought about her character in Anymore, she felt her character was heartbroken and crazy about a guy, so they decided to do dark-themed makeup. The K-pop idol went on to say that she applies powder to her eyelid, under her eyes and to the area around her eyebrows. After that, Somi shapes her eyebrows with KissMe Heavey Rotation and likes to lengthen her eyebrows.

Somi makeup tutorial
Somi cr: Vogue

Somi has gotten really horny when it comes to eyeshadow with the Born Like This Palette. She said she used Lorac and Truffle eyeshadow to give her a smokey eye look. She even gave a very useful eyeliner tip that we all need. She first used her eyeshadow to shape her eyeliner, then swiped her eyeliner over it, it’s simple! The female soloist revealed that she and other K-pop idols use a lot of outlines because due to the stage lighting, you can’t see the outline. The last step is to apply her lip liner and lipstick. She was finished!

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