Jack Burnell’s Net Worth: How Much Does The Swimmer Earn?


Jack Burnell is a British swimmer, born June 13, 1993. At the European Open Water Swimming Championships in 2016, he won a silver medal in the 10 km. However, he was disqualified in the same event at the 2016 Olympics. In 2021, he retired from swimming. He is now a performance mindset coach at Premier League club Brentford. Swimming is a very difficult sport and Burnell was very good at it. It is an individual or team running sport that requires an individual to use their whole body to move through the water. Burnell was in the individual category and was an excellent swimmer.

The sport is practiced in the pool or in open water. Open water is the more difficult of the two, and Burnell was an expert in that particular category. Competitive swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports, which Burnell qualified for and also competed in.

Jack Burnell
Jack Burnell.

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The Life and Work of Jack Burnell

Jack Burnell was born on June 13, 1993 in Scunthorpe, United Kingdom, and is 28 years old. He is a master in the sport of swimming and specializes in open water swimming and marathons. He belonged to the National Center Loughborough club and was coached by Dave Hemmings. He is a European medalist. He recorded a fifth-place finish in the 10km marathon when he competed at the Kazan World Championships in 2015. He competed in the marathon swimming event at the Rio 2016 Olympics, with the event starting at the beach in Copacabana.

After initially appearing to finish fifth in a photo-finish with bronze medalist Marc Antoine Olivier and Zu Lijun, he was disqualified for two yellow cards for unnecessary contact with other swimmers in the men’s 10km event in open water at the 2016 Olympics.

He received the second yellow card as he approached the finish line after a fight with reigning Olympic champion Oussama Mellouli, who also received a yellow card but ended up finishing 12th. In an angry post-race interview, he claimed the first card for unnecessary contact was given when there were no other swimmers around and he may have been prevented from winning because Mellouli had grabbed his leg. However, his appeal against the judge’s decision was unsuccessful.

While competing at the FINA World Cup in Abu Dhabi in 2017, he won a gold medal. He revealed that he had been suffering from nightmares and depression since the Olympics in Rio, before the World Championships in Budapest. He then finished in fourth place in Hungary. Ending his bid to reach the postponed Tokyo Olympics, he announced his retirement from the sport after finishing 24th at the Doha World Cup in March 2021.

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Jack Burnell’s net worth

Jack Burnell is one of the wealthiest and most popular swimmers. Jack Burnell net worth is around $1-5 million. It is rare for people who play this particular sport, unless they are very good or very popular. His new role in the Premier League has also contributed to his wealth. Net worth includes his salary, other income and assets, which gives us an approximation. Even though he couldn’t fulfill his dream of winning gold at the Olympics, his life and career by no means failed. He has obviously done very well and belongs to one of the highest income groups in our modern society. His success is undoubtedly due to his immense talent.

Jack Burnell
Ella Henderson and Jack Burnell.

The personal life of Jack Burnell

Jack Burnell started dating singer Ella Henderson in early 2020. However, Jack Burnell may be single at the moment, and there is a rumor that he is no longer in a committed relationship. Rumor has it that as of December 2021, Jack Burnell isn’t dating anyone; however, this may not be true. He suddenly caught the eye after he started dating X-Factor star Ella Henderson. He is now known as the singer’s biggest fan. Although many of his fans believe that he is currently single and not dating anyone. Unfortunately, we don’t have much information about his relationship.

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