IUPUI holds open tryouts for basketball team




Are you a college student? Tired of constantly dominating your intramural games? Are you willing to transfer to a school in Indiana? If so, then I have interesting news for you.

With just two weeks left of their conference tournament and four regular season games left, IUPUI men’s basketball team (2-22; 0-13 in conference) holds open tryouts. For all the ballers who think you can play DI basketball if you get the right chance, you’d better get out your transfer papers and get started, because dozens of people are already interested in giving the IUPUI team a chance .

A week ago, two days after the IUPUI men’s basketball team tweeted — and since deleted — that they would be holding open tryouts, about 90 people had already expressed an interest in attending the tryout. You can only imagine how that number has grown as more and more national media has picked up on this story. But nine days after the tryout announcement, head coach Matt Crenshaw has yet to announce a date for those tryouts. According to reportsthe team is still waiting to see which players are eligible.

The IUPUI Jaguars have had just two wins this season. The Jaguars started the season 1-0 overall with an exhibition win over Anderson University, a DII program in South Carolina. Since the start of the regular season, their only wins have been over Spalding University (DIII) and East-West University, who only played two games the whole year. the 2022 Pomeroy Basketball Rankings currently have IUPUI in 358th place in Division I – aka until the last death. The team clearly has several issues it needs to address, but this open tryout isn’t about finding a new star, it’s about finding people who want to practice with the real players of the team.

Per Crenshaw: “You’ve got a guy with a torn ACL, you’ve got a guy with a hip who just had hip surgery, and then three of my young men who are playing. Three of them are slightly injured.” Crenshaw claimed this tryout has nothing to do with his team’s struggles. “The six guys that we have, they fight and they do a great job of leaving everything out there, so we’re not really trying to disrupt that,” he said last week. “It’s just more of us looking at someone so we can really practice. It’s really just trying to minimize their burden and put them in situations where we can really practice helping these young men. Nothing more, nothing less. “

Crenshaw stated that the injuries his team has sustained all year have hindered their ability to practice at the same level as earlier in the season, and returning to the routine they had in November and December will be a big contributor to the team’s ability. to come back next year.

While the tryouts are open to anyone to come in and give their best, there are still a few hurdles people have to overcome if they want to participate. First, they must be an IUPUI student. That is obvious. You cannot play on the IUPUI team while going to Maryland. I don’t know why anyone would want to do that. That would be a terrible commute, but hey, that’s the prerequisite. Students will also need to have a lot of medical information on hand: sickle cell results, indication of a physical exam in the past six months, and health insurance information to name a few.

If you’re an IUPUI student and have ever wondered if you have what it takes to play Division I college basketball, why not give it a try? There’s no shame in failing just if you don’t show up. As for the men’s IUPUI basketball program, it is somewhat admirable that they are willing to admit publicly that they are looking for someone who can help them. It takes a lot for a program to admit something like that, and I hope they get the practical help they need. Who knows? Maybe they’ll find their next star in the process.

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