Is Yami Sukehiro From Black Clover A Devil Host?


The Black clover manga series has introduced various characters and different unique aspects of magic over the years. Yami Sukehiro is one such character with his unique “dark magic”. With that in mind, is Yami an evil host? Yami Sukehiro is one of the most important characters aside from Asta in the Black Clover franchise. He was introduced in the manga and anime adaptation as the captain of the Black Bulls in the Clover Kingdom.

Before becoming captain, Yami was a member of the Gray Deer team, formerly known as Aqua Deer, and was brought in by the acting Witch King Julius Novachrono. Yami is one of the strongest captains in the series and could also rise to the top in the whole magical world. Apart from the manga, we also have Yami in the anime series, where Junichi Suwabe voices the character.

Black Clover: Is Yami an Evil Host
Yami Sukehiro and Asta


Yami is just a man every girl ships for. He is a tall, muscular man with dark hair and gray eyes. Her hairdo is quite messy and combed back which makes it look like it sticks out. Along with that, he also has a stubble mustache and beard which makes him even more of a badass.

Is Yami a Debil host?
Yami and Nacht

Yami has a fairly simple wardrobe with only a white t-shirt and brown pants. As captain, he adds his outfit with his Black Bull team banner with the team badge on it. The banner is placed on his right shoulder and is held by two cords which connect on the left shoulder.

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Powers and Abilities

With a motto of pushing the limits, Yami has bagged a lot of skills to his name. His dark magic is one of the rarest forms in the entire Black Clover universe. With this magic, Yami can generate and manipulate darkness, which he mainly uses to enhance his Katana. One of the benefits of having such unique magic is that it can absorb any other element such as light magic and send it into nothingness.

The rarity of this element also affects magic from other worlds, for example Devil magic. This allowed Yami to rank in the Arcane stage, alongside William Vangence’s World Tree Magic, Asta’s Anti Magic, and Julius Novachrono’s Time magic.

Yami Sukehiro vs. Dante

Aside from his magical abilities, Yami is also arguably the strongest swordsman in the Clover Kingdom. Describing himself as a magical swordsman, Yami was easily able to defeat the elf Patri, who was the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. He defeated him with his sword covered in darkness. Yami also mastered the art of Ki, which made him a better fighter. Ki was a technique originating from his native country. With this technique, a person is able to tap into their sixth sense and detect incoming surprise attacks.

After the Elves arc and during the preparation for the Devils arc, we saw Yami learning the superpowered Mana method. Under Mereoleona Vermillion, Yami trained under extreme conditions to master the Mana Zone. With Mana Zone, Yami can manipulate mana energy in the particular radius around him, which helps him increase his spell’s effectiveness.

Is Yami Sukehiro an evil host?

The story so far has revealed that Yami Sukehiro still possesses dark magic. In Chapter 323 of the manga, we saw Yami moments before taking action against Lucifero. Meanwhile, Yami’s torn body was healed by Vanessa and Grey. While healing him, we hear Gray reveal that there is something different inside Yami’s body and that he looks like the devil who possesses Asta.

Black Clover: Is Yami an Evil Host
Yami vs Lucifero – Yami saves Nacht’s life by blocking Lucifero’s punch

That being said, it’s possible that Yami could have been the subject of an evil union during the Tree of Qliphoth ritual. So there is a good chance that we will get a Devil Yami union vibe in future manga chapters. One thing is that Yami after the Devil Ritual gained a huge buff as he was able to block Lucifero’s punch easily. Recall that Yami previously had to rely on Asta to finish off Dante, who only had 80% of Lucifero’s fragmented powers. Now he can easily block the Devil King’s punch, which Yuno says, “one hit can end their lives.”

Where to watch and read Black Clover?

You can watch Black Clover anime on streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll and many more. You can also read Black Clover Manga chapter on Viz Media official website and Shonen Jump official app.

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