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Hello and welcome back to Equity, a startup business podcast where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines.

If you own stuff, I’m sorry to report that you’re probably poorer today than you were on Friday, and even less rich than the Friday before. Things are selling out and we had to talk about it:

  • Stocks have fallen and cryptos are totally hammered. It’s a bad time to own stocks, but worse when you invest in digital assets. Bitcoin, Ether and Solana take a hit as the stock market withers. I guess this means all our 401k contributions will be cheaper in February? Small wins, but still.
  • Swiggy raised a huge round for a just huge price, which is good for the business, but leaves us questioning. OfficeSpace raised $150 million, which caught our eye, and the recent Spectrum Labs seems to make sense.
  • And to finish we asked is the party over? This piece by MG Siegler was in our brains as we chewed on the situation. The dissonance between the public and private markets feels like a high point, and we’re not sure how quickly their diverging speeds can hold the tension.

Regardless of how the sale affects you, we hope you have a great week and stay warm. cuddly toys!

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