Is Mel McLaughlin Pregnant? Who is She Married to?


Mel McLaughlin aka Melanie Louse McLaughin is a sports presenter in Australia. She has been in this business for over a decade now. Mel McLaughlin was born in September 1979 and is now 42 years old. His native is Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. She started her career in 2004 and is active to this day. Currently, she works for Seven Network Optus Sport. In her presenting career, she is well known for Seven News Big Bash League.

Mel McLaughlin was born and raised in South Wales. She grew up in Quaker Hill in New South Wales. In Quaker Hill, she went to St Andrew’s Primary School. Mel attended St John Paul II Catholic College and graduated. In her career, she has already presented for Fox Studios. In Fox Sports, she hosted association football shows. She has hosted various shows like Kickoff, Fox Sports FC, Indian Super League and was the regular host of Fox Sports News.

Is Mel McLaughlin pregnant?

Mel McLaughlin married Luke Panic in 2012. She divorced 2 years later in 2014. Mel did not have a child with Luke Panic. After many years of divorce, the Aussie host wants to get married, have kids and live her life. Mel was disappointed that she hadn’t fulfilled her wishes with the marriage she had. Looks like she’s probably more athletic. But all that glitters is not gold. Mel is passionate about her personal life just as she is passionate about her job. She is just looking for a better person who would complete her life.

mel mclaughlin
Mel McLaughlin

Mel developed her interest in her niece’s children. She is an aunt of 5 children. She still takes care of them like their mother does. One difference is that she is the spoiler of the 4 nieces and nephews. She tells that she is the VIP at ToysRU. Outside of the sports world, she’s completely into the kids. Mel has the idea of ​​marrying the right person and one day having her own children. As proof, she once said in an interview that she would talk about family.

Baby Mel McLaughlin
Baby Mel McLaughlin

The love life of Mel McLaughlin and Mel McLaughlin pregnant

Not everything about Mel’s love life goes viral on the internet, the rumor must be about the desires she has on his life. There are rumors that Mel had an affair with Chris Gayle. But Mel has brushed off rumors that she has no relationship with Chris Gayle. In an interview, she said it’s true that she’s on TV. But that’s not all in his life. She has a world outside of this television and it was never about Chris Gayle. Mel McLaughlin’s rumored spotlight with Chris Gayle spooked her. She also said she would come back to Chris when it comes to working professionally. As she has always been passionate about her work and has never mixed her personal life with her career.

Right after the year of Mel’s divorce, she started dating Ashley Westwood. Ashley Westwood is retired from the British football field. The relationship is believed to continue to this day. Yet her pregnancy has no bearing as her plans may have been different. Or she might just be happy with her niece and nephew for now.

Arrivals of the 2016 Logie Awards
Arrivals of the 2016 Logie Awards

About Mel McLaughlin’s career:

Mel McLaughlin has been an obvious sports fan since school. She will therefore think that she is currently pursuing the career of her dreams. But let’s see what Mel thinks of his work. Mel completely refuses to accept that Presenter is her dream job. She says she loves the job she does…but that’s not all. Mel once replied to the public that she was not a sportswoman. But she surely clashes with people when they think she fits into the job. People at her school say that this job suits her because she has always been passionate about sports. She also mentioned that she is a huge sports fan, just like she is a fan of the men she works with.

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