Is Maria Taylor Pregnant? Are The Rumors True Or Not?


As an American games columnist working for NBC, Maria Taylor turns heads when she walks in the door. Maria Taylor, when that name pops up on the screen, you can just close your eyes and hear her voice. Why? Because Maria Taylor is probably the best sports commentator this generation will ever see or hear. Whether she has her own way of describing any sporting news or commenting on a particular event, she has rolled up her sleeves.

The very ambitious sports host has a vision, a passion for the future to become the best in her field. Maria Taylor is not wrong to have this vision. After all, she never had it easy. His difficult years were difficult. And until today, it’s been a wild roller coaster for her. Thus, this Sunday, the very talented Maria Taylor co-hosts the Super Bowl in Los Angeles. Outside of her professional life, Maria Taylor looks happy with her husband. Is there a child in his cards? Rumors say that Maria Taylor is pregnant. Is she? So is Maria Taylor trying to keep it a secret?

Maria Taylor is pregnant?

Noticing the basics and with little curiosity, Mariya Taylor’s recent Instagram post says a lot. This surely clarifies (mostly) that she is pregnant or not. Well, is she? Rumors have surely spread in the air and all over the world but apparently, nothing indicates that Mariya Taylor is pregnant.

Sharing photos from her wedding to the person she was married to, Rodney Blackstock in 2021. The wedding photos gave people the belief that the ex-couple was expecting? Maria Taylor says she has a lot to think about and do. Maria Taylor captioned the photos she posted with ex-husband Rodney Blackstock as “Romantic Tale”.

Mariya Taylor is pregnant?
Maria Taylor and ex-husband Rodney Blackstock

Maria Taylor and Rodney Blackstock

In 2014, Maria Taylor met her ex-husband Rodney Blackstock. The ex-couple met at the Charlotte Hornets in North Carolina. It is said that their first date was in a parking lot where they had eaten and talked until 5 am! It shows how instantly they clicked. Before Maria Taylor and Rodney Blackstock’s marriage was a real deal, they were both in a marital relationship with each other.

The couple had planned everything for their wedding to take place in 2016, but something inside them held a setback. Which ultimately led to Maria Taylor and Rodney Blackstock calling off the wedding for a while. Until they feel “safe”. Three years after that day, on May 5, 2019, Maria Taylor and Rodney Blackstock finally went “Sure.” Their wedding took place at the beachfront Hilton Sandestin in Destin, Florida. Although the couple are no longer together. Maria Taylor and Rodney Blackstock have ended their marriage after geo years.

Maria Taylor: A Brief Description

Suzette Maria Taylor was born on May 12, 1987. Tylor had been athletic since childhood. Hence, while attending her high school of Centennial High School, she had an amazing four-year basketball career. She has won many awards and among those “many” awards, one was that of being a member of the Atlanta Tip-Off Team of the Year. Apart from this, Maria Taylor received an athletic scholarship at the University of Georgia. At University of Georgia, Maria Taylor continued to play volleyball and basketball. She played from 2005 to 2009.

Mariya Taylor is pregnant?
Maria Taylor

For three years at the University of Georgia, Maria Taylor was a reporter and host for IMG College. Shows like Basketball Tonight, SportsNite, and booty Reporting witnessed his appearance. Those were long years filled with hard work and achievement. In 2019, Taylor began hosting for NBA Countdowns, pregame shows for ESPN as well! In 2020, amid the COVID-19 situation, Taylor worked as a sideline reporter for Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New York Giants.

Maria Taylor left the ESPN department the very next day after the 2021 NBA Finals ended and July 20. And just after two days, that is July 22, Maria Taylor joined NBC sports. She made her on-air debut on July 23 as coverage of the 2020 Summer Olympics unfolded. Including this, Maria Taylor is also one of the most talented on-air contributors for the other NBC TV show. This also includes Sunday night football.

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