Is Lottie Tomlinson Pregnant? She Flaunts the Baby Bump and Revealed the Gender of the Baby!


Charlotte Elizabeth Tomlinson or simply Lottie Tomlinson is an English makeup artist, author, model, and above all the founder of the self-tanning company Tanologist! Interestingly, just last week, she shared heartwarming personal news that lovingly encouraged her fans! Lottie Tomlinson, 23, and her boyfriend Lewis Burton, English model and former professional tennis player, 29, have announced they are expecting their first baby! Following this, Internet users went in search of all the photos that could give a clue of his baby bump! Lottie also answered several questions related to her pregnancy via her Instagram account. She revealed that the pregnancy was unplanned. However, she enjoys every minute.

Lottie Tomilson pregnant
Lottie Tomlinson (via her Instagram account)

Lottie Tomlinson has revealed the baby’s gender!

Following the announcement of her pregnancy, Lottie Tomlinson flaunted her growing baby bump on Saturday as she was joined by her sister Daisy for London Fashion Week at the Oh Polly show. Her baby bump was adorned in her ribbed mini dress paired with wrap-around mesh heels and a black handbag. Lately, on Sunday, February 20, 2022, Lottie Tomlinson shared an adorable clip from their gender reveal ceremony! In which the curiosity they had before the revelation, is worth mentioning! And for everyone’s benefit, blue confetti and powder came out of the barrel. This means that the couple is expecting a baby boy! Following the revelation, she turned around and hugged Lewis.

Lottie Tomlinson says Lewis Burton, the baby’s father is so excited and would be the best dad. She revealed that Lewis was so supportive of her! She also revealed how she shared the news of her pregnancy with him. She says she ran into the bedroom screaming that she was pregnant because she never thought she would be pregnant. She just passed a test to dispel the fog after having a late period! And out of the blue, she got this special little surprise! And for everyone’s benefit, Lottie Tomlinson had also revealed that she was due to give birth in August! Lottie Tomlinson says the feeling of a life growing inside is the most amazing feeling you can ever have! She and Lewis Burton have been dating since July 2020.

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