Is Jeremy Zucker Dating Someone? Rumor or Truth?


Do you think Jeremy Zucker is dating anyone? Is it a truth or just a rumour? Spreading false rumors is a very big loophole in this internet driven world. News of Jeremy Scott Zucker’s date is popular in everyone’s feeds. However, Jeremy is quite introverted when it comes to social media. But he has a straight answer on the sparkling news that is trending. You might all be wondering why this is so confusing, but don’t worry, the thoughts will become clear when you read this blog in its entirety.

We have heard of Jeremy Zucker many times in the music world. The very beautiful musical personality could be called a thief of many hearts in the world. He is a member of 30AK with Daniel James and Benjamin O who produce, write and record their own fabulous songs. Like many other celebrities, Jeremy Zucker also prefers to keep his personal and love life private. He made headlines because of his song with Chealsea Cutler “That’s how you fall in love” in which the two of them look at each other as a couple together. The two celebrities together are loved by their fans who have announced that they are dating. Is Jeremy really dating Chelsea?

Is Jeremy Zucker dating?

No, he’s not dating anyone right now. Believing in rumors is the greatest madness in the world today. So many rumors have been circulating about Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler dating. But, we don’t believe it. In fact, Jeremy and Chelsea linked up for their song “That’s How You Fall In Love” which was released on January 14. Also before this song, Jeremy and Chelsea have achieved a huge number of great works together. It made the media and people think they were more than friends.

The claims however are overlooked with the two saying they are just good friends. So, there is no confirmation that Jeremy Zucker is in a relationship with anyone. Although their fans would like them as a couple, but there is no information as such provided by either of them. So, the rumor that Jeremy Zucker is dating Chelsea is completely false at the moment.

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Who is Jeremy Zucker?

Jeremy Scott Zucker is a very famous American singer and songwriter. He was born on March 3, 1996, in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, United States, and is most famous for his works in Comethru, You’ve Been Good To Me And All The Kids Are Depressed. He’s recently been in the news for his song “That’s How You Fall In Love” with Chelsea because of the ongoing rumours. Jeremy mainly relies on Pop, Indie pop, Electronic and Pop rock genres in his songs. His first song was Beach Island, released in 2015. He has created a considerable number of fabulous creations, including several EPs. We also owe him the two complete albums, Love is not feeding and Crusher.

Jeremy generally describes himself as a social introvert. He has contributed a lot in the field of music and his music is described as a fusion of airy organic rhythms, lush soundtrack-style soundscapes and biting tumblr-worthy lyricism. In short, his creations are amazing and worth appreciating. According to the news, he is single although he had at least one girlfriend in his past.

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About Chelsea Cutler

Chelsea Emily Cutler is also an American songwriter, singer and producer from Westport, Connecticut. She was born on February 11, 1997 in the United States. She released her debut album (How to be Human) in January 2020 via republic records. It was a great success after which his career continued to blossom day by day. She basically follows pop and electronic genres in her songs and albums. Like Jeremy, she is also into her childhood music in one way or another.

She has been in recent conversations on the internet because of rumors about her relationship with Jeremy Scott Zucker. Some of his very famous works include Slow down love, The shine, Tonight, Found you, Your shirt and many more. She worked with many brilliant artists and created beautiful songs. According to the news, she is also single, which could be why her fans associated her name with her musical co-artist.

Chelsea Cutler
Chelsea Cutler

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