Is Catherine McBroom Pregnant? All About The Rumors!


Pregnancy rumor speculation surrounds Catherine McBroom after she recently shared a photo. So, is Catherine McBroom pregnant? The couple once said they don’t plan to have any more children after their third child. In addition, Catherine had an IUD installed to prevent future pregnancies. Again, she shared in December last year that she had removed her IUD herself for health issues. She later deleted the story from the snapshot, and it was no longer available.

Catherine also said in one of the videos that she never ruled out the possibility of having more children when she didn’t want more. This isn’t the only time Catherine has had pregnancy rumors for another child. The same case also happened last year, almost the same time from now that her pregnancy spread. In the caption of the video, the couple also wrote that she was telling her father about her fourth baby. Later, the video turned out to be old and the couple only uploaded it to their YouTube channel.

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Is Catherine McBroom pregnant?

No, Catherine McBroom is not currently pregnant. Recently, there have been several rumors and speculations circulating that the social media star might be pregnant after sharing a message in one of her Snapchat stories. However, she is not that pregnant and the rumors remain false. This is not the first time that Catherine finds herself in the middle of such rumors. Last year, rumors swirled that she was pregnant with her fourth child after posting a video. But that was also just speculation because she was never pregnant. So, her pregnancy news was also just rumors.

How many children does Catherine McBroom have?
Catherine McBroom and her husband, Austin McBroom

How did the Catherine McBroom pregnancy rumors come about?

Catherine McBroom’s pregnancy rumors emerged after she shared a photo of a baby bump in her Snapchat Story on February 15, 2022. She also mentions Steely in the photo with a love caption. The post left people confused and they thought she was pregnant after seeing her baby bump. It also comes as no surprise to everyone thinking she is sharing her pregnancy as she shares all about her life on social media. However, one small detail that was overlooked by people was that the photo was from her pregnancy with her third child. Thus, she could have shared the photo while reminiscing about some of her past memories.

Catherine McBroom shares three children with her husband

Catherine McBroom shares three children, two daughters and a son, with her husband, Austin McBroom. The names of their children are Elle Lively McBroom, Alaia Marie McBroom and Steel McBroom. Catherine’s first child was born on May 28, 2016, a year before the couple’s engagement. It was October 17, 2018, when the couple’s second child was born. Catherine and her husband’s youngest child is their son, who was born to them on June 20, 2020. Previously, she mentioned in one of the videos on YouTube that a psychic predicted she would have three children at the ten years old.

Catherine thinks about having more children

Catherine shares her thoughts on having more children during one of her videos on the YouTube channel. The YouTuber reveals in one of her videos that she inserted an intrauterine device (IUD) because she does not plan to have more children in the next five or ten years. But, she’s not completely against the idea either.

Catherine McBroom pregnancy rumors
McBroom family

Are Catherine McBroom and Austin McBroom married?

Catherine and Austin’s marriage suddenly fell into the limelight when the social media star commented that the couple secretly got married in 2017. Catherine mentioned in a video in 2020 that the couple never said that they weren’t married, but they just didn’t say they were. Many people still believe that the couple is still unmarried, as the ACE family has never shared anything in their videos. Moreover, they shared every moment of their life on YouTube but hadn’t mentioned anything about their marriage.

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