Inventing Anna Ending Explained: Anna Makes it Out


Inventing Anna, another awesome series from Netflix came out recently. In the following article, we will discuss the series as well as Inventing Anna Ending will be explained. Inventing Anna is an American-produced streaming television drama series. It was produced and created by Shonda Rhimes. Plus, it’s based on Jessica Pressler’s article “How Anna Delvey Fooled New York’s Partygoers” in New York Magazine. The Netflix series premiered on February 11, 2022. Julia Garner plays the main character of the series. Julia Garner joined the cast of the series in October 2019. The actress joined the cast of the series along with Anna Chlumsky, Katie Lowes, Laverne Cox and Alexis Floyd.

The role of Anna Delvey was to be played by Madeline Brewer. However, she was unable to participate due to scheduling conflicts. There are five new cast members from the show who joined the cast in November. They were Arian Moayed, Anders Holm, Anna Deavere Smith, Jeff Perry and Terry Kinney. The stars were joined by Jennifer Esposito in February 2020. Photography for the film began in New York and Los Angeles in October 2019. It received positive reviews from audience members. A review found to be consensus on one website read, “While Inventing Anna is as tonally wobbly as Julia Garner’s deliberately goofy accent. Moreover, its engaged performance coupled with the captivating storyline provides a satisfying viewing experience.

Making up Anna's ending explained
Invent Anna

The parcel

Anna Delvey’s arrest marks the start of Inventing Anna. After that, she was taken to prison. Her status is deemed to be that of a false heiress. Additionally, she was charged with financial fraud amounting to millions of dollars. Meanwhile, Anna’s attorney, Todd Spodek, asks for bail. In response, the judge rejects Anna’s plea and sends her back to Rikers Island to await trial. Taking a keen interest in her story, Manhattan reporter Vivan Kent takes note of her story. Vivian meets Anna on Riker’s Island as a result. Moreover, this young woman immediately catches his attention with her story. Even though she faces reluctance from her superiors, she is convinced that she should write the article. As a result, she searches for other leads. In addition, she seeks references to increase her credibility.

A meeting with Val takes place. As a fashion designer, Val was prominent in New York circles. Val describes to Vivian how he met Anna. Moreover, he believed that she was well brought up and had a sensible personality. Additionally, he talks about their relationship with her former boyfriend, Chase Sikorski. During their relationship, Anna and Chase were passionately in love. However, when the going gets tough, Anna decides to break up with Chase. Also, she feels like Chase is holding her back, so she decides to walk away on her own.

His original idea was to create an exclusive and prestigious social club that celebrated art and culture. In addition, she was looking for contacts and funding for the project. Through Val’s introduction, she met Nora Radford, a wealthy socialite. As a result, she manages to secure the services of a dream team of counselors through her connections. This club would be called the Anna Delvey Foundation or ADF. However, Nora realizes that Anna has accumulated charges on her card for personal expenses. As a result, she quickly leaves the office, returning her attention to the next objective.

Making up Anna’s ending explained

She took out Vivian with her signature cold portrayal in the final scene of Inventing Anna. As a result, all of his worries, insecurities and guilt trips are released. Although she stressed that she had a choice to accept or reject the plea offer. In the end, she chose to accept the offer independently. As a result, she consented because Vivian promised he would put her in the spotlight if she interviewed and wrote a story. Anna thanked Vivian for keeping her promises to her.

Making up Anna's ending explained
Invent Anna

Also, as far as Vivian is concerned, she has already achieved the goal she set for herself at the start of the series. The series ended with Vivian successfully achieving her goals. Anna, on the other hand, was just a stranger. Plus, she’s come to town to entertain people, like any wanderer would. On February 11, 2021, Anna was released from prison. Immigration and Customs Enforcement then took her into custody. His repatriation to Germany was still pending at the time of the making of the film Inventing Anna.

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