Immanence Movie Ending Explained: Was Jonah Satanic In Immanence?


Immanence (2022) is a psychological horror film that deals with the endless debate between religion and science. Kerry Bellessa directed the film, with Joshua Oram as co-writer. The film is completely black! It is based on the unexplained disappearance of transport in the Bermuda Triangle. However, the story is set at a time when the Bermuda Triangle is not popular for incidents. The movie Immanence begins on an empty boat with no electricity (light) to see. A female salvage officer watches the boat as she speaks on a walkie-talkie to another officer. The clocks are all stopped at 11:39. All is well in the boat. So why did the crew jump out? What was that shadow that instantly disappeared?

Are you telling me that you didn’t sense something was really scary from the start? I felt ! And your subconscious must have done the same thing. But how did it end? What does the end of the movie Immanence mean? Was Jonah a Satanist or a Christian? If you’ve seen the movie and lost the light, we’ve got you covered. Here is the end of the film Immanence, everything is explained!

For starters, Suzu and Harper die. Only two survived, and it’s really terrible. The film left me perplexed, see my opinion in the article and also give yours.

Who survives in the film Immanence
I wish they lived longer. RIP Suzu and Harper

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What happens at the end of the film Immanence?

As the devil himself said, two of them will survive! Only two did. Jonah and Naomi are out of the Bermuda Triangle. Roman committed suicide while wrestling with Jonas. He ends up stabbing himself in the chest, dying immediately. As he lays down, in cold blood, Davis punches Jonah (who is gasping heavily) on the head. Jonah passes out for a moment, during which Naomi fights off the voice in her head. Her conscience wins out and she helps Jonas up. Now, at this point, Davis brings a hacksaw to cut the liferaft chain (Roman hid the key to the raft lock, and since he’s dead, that’s the only option).

Here, before Davis loses her mind and attacks Jonah, Naomi explains that she is meant to stay and the other two will be the survivors. Everyone welcomes the idea in silence, and Naomi is caged and thrown overboard by Jonah while Davis cuts the chain. Jonah rushes to retrieve the stopwatch. You may have thought it was unimportant, but it’s the scariest thing you can find out about this movie.

Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle
No, it’s not an upside-down image, it’s Still Water reflecting the shadow of the crew in Immanence

The film of the real end of immanence

It was not Naomi but Davis who remained. Exactly at 11:39, Jonah starts the stopwatch and begins to pull the rope with which the cage is tied. Right now, deep breathing is in order! A fascinating meteor shower is presented. That’s why they came here! And none of them witness the moment. Davis, finally done cutting the chain, loves the moment right before he gets hit by God knows what. He dies instantly, we only see his cold eyes open and his cheek all bloody with a hole still producing smoke. Maybe the goal was to trick the audience into thinking he was hit by a small piece of meteor or something, but the fact is he dies.

Then we see Jonah successfully pulling Naomi, she’s motionless with her eyes closed, not breathing. He continues to look at her expectantly, and just as the timer stops at 3 minutes, Naomi is alive! This is when I must remind you of the story of how Jonah found his “proof” of religion. Jonah was a scuba diver once, and he drowned once, the doctor pronounced him dead, and just after 3 minutes he was back to life! The last thing he saw inside the sea was the devil himself. And that’s what made him believe in religion. It may sound ironic, but it is completely factual that if the devil exists and you see Satan, you will also naturally believe that God is real.

Did Naomi die in immanence
Naomi comes back to life

This incident of Jonas waking up also happened at 11:39. Now from this we understand that only the two who believed in God survived the hell that Satan threw at them. Naomi always had a little self-confidence, she was just miserable inside because her father committed suicide. All he said before he died was, “Seeking God is an open door for the devil.”

Both died and survived death by the will of God. The sole purpose of Immanence’s ending was to tell the audience that faith can also get you out of literal hell. You just have to trust God!

Was Jonah satanic in immanence?

No, Jonas is a Christian. He literally saw a divine creature, albeit evil, it brought him faith. If you’re wondering why the devil or Satan said you wanted to see me again, here’s the answer. He said it because it’s very human nature to be ready to witness something amazing, especially when you’ve seen it once. Jonah continued to seek divinity regardless of good or evil.

In his first appearance, he witnesses an exorcism which turns out to be a fake. He seems totally finished with his search out of nowhere (as he appeared then). But at that moment he receives a text from Davis and as soon as he understands the purpose of the crew on the ship, he realizes that it is God’s sign for him and the others to be witnesses. of supernatural existence. Here, science and religion seem to agree in the film only that science assumes supernatural existence as aliens and religion as God or possibly the devil.

What does the end of the movie Immanence mean?
Jonah witnessing a fake exorcism

The ending could be different

If you see it from my perspective, the movie Immanence might end differently, but the characters ruined it. Think for a minute, they saw the devil or maybe the demon, evil both ways and what is the devil doing? It tricks you into sin. Satan delivered to the other four a well-planned murder idea. He tricked them into believing he knew the future, and as a viewer, maybe for once, you may have fallen for the trap too. Naomi’s mother’s illness is a current affair, she is hiding it and so Satan can surely know about it. All he does is gossip about Roman discovering various new scientific achievements with his team.

Satan, in the film, did exactly what we have always read and heard of him. He grew fear, desire and deceived the team into sin. He made them all work in such a way that they actually set the scene as they saw it in the other boat. Chain cut, stopwatch, Romain lying lifeless, everything! For once I thought they were really looking at their future in the other boat, but when you realize it’s about their encounter with the king of evil and trickery and all that stuff, you would also doubt it. Maybe it wasn’t the future, it was an instruction, a trick that it was their only way out. And all of them did it in one way or another! That’s why only two survived. And only the two that had faith.

Immanence Movie Ending Explained
Jamie McShane as the Devil in Immanence

Take a look at the cast

Kerry Bellessa directed the film Immanence, co-written by Joshua Oram. Buffalo 8 Productions and Bluefields Entertainment produces the movie. Good job with the suspense, the actors nailed their roles well.

Characteristics of immanence summer beauty like Noemieastrophysicist, Michael Beach like Jonahthe ship’s driver Odyssey. We see Eugene Byrd like Davisowner of Odyssey. then, we have Antoine Ruivivar like Roman, the chief of the astrophysicists on the boat, super pragmatic, he refuses the idea of ​​God or Satan. With this, we also see Kasia Pilewicz like harpist and Asenneth del Toro like suzu. More important again, Jamie McShane played the biggest role in the devil. Myra Turley is Hannah in the movie that of Noémie mom.

End of the film Immanence
The crew watching the calm water. The name of the boat visible in the photo, Is Odyssey.

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