“I could step back and find out what life is”

Channing Tatum Admits She Wanted To Quit Acting In 2018 - Read More!
Channing Tatum says he wanted to quit acting in 2018 (Photo Credit – Wikimedia)

Hollywood star Channing Tatum once considered quitting acting because he was overwhelmed by existential thoughts.

The thought of quitting acting occurred to him in 2018, around the time of his divorce from Jenna Dewan (with whom he shares custody of their eight-year-old daughter Everly), ‘Variety’ reports.

In an interview with Variety, Channing Tatum recalled asking, “Do I want to act more? Should I be directing? Do I still want to be in the industry? I was lucky. I won a creative lottery ticket. I made a little bit of money so I could step back and find out what life is like.”

The thought set him on the path of other artistic pursuits, including publishing a children’s book, “The One and Only Sparkella.” Channing Tatum said: “I really took time off. I sculpted. I took pictures. I wrote my own stuff, not like a script or anything. Just create on different levels. I just wanted to catch my breath.”

During the period, Tatum devoted his energies to film and TV show development at Free Association, which he had launched in 2014 with Carolin and Peter Kiernan, his former manager.

Some of the projects they’ve worked on are currently in production ‘Spaceman’, with Adam Sandler, whose rights have been secured by Netflix, and ‘Step Up: Highwater’, the Starz TV series.

The actor will also star in the thriller “Pussy Island,” the directorial debut of his girlfriend Zoe Kravitz. Learning of his hustle on “Dog,” he advised his love interest not to get an acting part in it either.

“I was like, ‘You need double the days. She’s a perfectionist in the best possible way,” Channing Tatum ‘Variety’.

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