“I can’t believe they can now enter God’s sanctuary for TRP”

Did you know?  Hrithik Roshan once lost his cool at Paparazzi's during his visit to Shirdi
When Hrithik Roshan lost his cool at Paparazzi’s while visiting Shirdi (Photo Credit – Hrithik Roshan / Instagram; Still from rOhiT BeHaL / Youtube)

Hrithik Roshan is one of the superstars of Indian cinema who has a huge following. He is often referred to as the Greek God of Bollywood. Though he is loved by his fans and known for being cool, the superstar also once lost his cool with Paparazzi. Scroll down to know more.

It was in 2011 when the Krrish star visited Shirdi before his movie Kites was released. A bunch of paparazzi followed and kept clicking on him despite the actor’s insistence that they didn’t. The superstar lost his cool and berated them.

Later during a conversation with PTI news agency, Hrithik Roshan revealed how he felt the cameramen were trying to invade his privacy. He said: “I can’t believe they (media) can now enter gods shrine for TRP. Polite words that asked for it were ignored. It took effort to pray with 30 media cameras recording every private moment.”

“Right now I’m trying to forgive myself for losing my cool, but I think when it comes to family, every man would do the same,” the WAR actor said.

Hrithik Roshan was not alone. He was accompanied by his father Rakhesh Roshan and his mother Pinky Roshan and his then wife Suzanne Khan. Visiting Shirdi before releasing every film of theirs was part of the family tradition. For the first time, he felt vulnerable as an actor in his life, but wished he had kept his anger in check.

The Super30 actor said: “For the first time in 10 years as an actor I felt on Saturday that my privacy was being violated. What they did was wrong. But I wish I could rise above and give them all a big hug…”

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