How To Watch Super Bowl Online? Channels Where The Biggest Sporting Event Aired


Some events in the world happen once a year but become the talk of the month or so. One of these events is the Super Bowl event in the United States of America. The Super Bowl is the final of the National Football League (NFL). It’s a seasonal thing, just like other sports leagues happening all over the world. But the Super Bowl has its aura around it. It’s an event that promotes everything that currently needs promotions.

Previously it was called AFL-NFL World Championship Game, but in 1969 it was converted to a trendier name, “Super Bowl”. Now all Americans and all people around the world are waiting for the Super Bowl. The sporting event became a commercial event rather than a league final. Thus, every year, entertainment awaits everyone at a specific time and at a specific place. So the question is: where to watch the Super Bowl online?

Super Bowl Stadium
SoFi Stadium, LA

The Super Bowl, in general, is an event that features a league final, but on the other hand, the event is widely known for its commercial breaks and performances between breaks. All the major brands and production houses are lining up their products, services, announcements, movies, commercials, etc., for the Super Bowl. Much like the current year’s Super Bowl, we noticed that it introduced the new Marvel Cinematic Universe projects like Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness and Moonknight trailers. Along with that, we also saw some big projects like Jurassic World Dominion and DC Universe announcements. So to promote something extravagant and reach multiple countries through one event, the Super Bowl works flawlessly. The same goes for brands like Pepsi, Nike, etc.

Super Bowl 2022 Highlights

The 2022 Super Bowl was full of surprises and was also a tight final. It was the final between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. The Super Bowl was once again a success and attracted a lot of attention. While it’s not unusual to garner attention through the Super Bowl, this year’s performances were the main highlight of the event, save for the final itself and the winner. The mood and effect of a Super Bowl stays with viewers, attendees, and performers for some time after it ends. And as expected, that’s what happens. This edition of the Super Bowl has artists like Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J Blige.

Super Bowl performers
Super Bowl Halftime Performers

Just after the announcement of the line-up of the half-time performer, it became clear that this edition will be extraordinary and rich in entertainment. Plus, it was a bonus for viewers who saw a surprise performance from 50 Cent. Eminem also gave a mesmerizing performance on his old classic hit “Lose Yourself,” and his performances also got a lot of unwanted attention. Him kneeling for a minute straight was as graceful a script as possible. Eminem is known to be a very direct and opinionated person. So he took a stand and protested with his initiative. The performance pack, along with the trailers and commercials, was a healthy package. Provided that the entertainment is already at the service of the Final itself. And since it was a tight game, it was narrowly mowed down by the Rams 23 – 20 Bengals final score.

Where to watch the Super Bowl online?

Since the world is waiting for the Super Bowl, various questions are coming up on the internet regarding the availability of live streaming and other viewing options. It is quite obvious that weather variation can affect the daily routine of many people. Some people are passionate about the game but haven’t been able to watch it because they don’t know where it’s streaming, only because he/she is somewhere else. The event is a global event in many ways and is expected to be watched by an average audience of 91.6 million viewers in the United States, as well as approximately 30-50 million viewers worldwide. To watch the Super Bowl live, Peacock, the NBC Sports app and

Super Bowl Eminem
Eminem’s Super Bowl halftime performance

There may be circumstances where people might not find Peacock or NBC accessible. Then fuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, and DIRECTV STREAM are the likely and most accessible options for anyone in the world. As this is the era of OTT platforms, this is the reason why the above platforms are also available for streaming.

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