How To Watch ‘Sissi’ Online? The Original 1955 Film


Sissi is an Austrian film which premiered in 1955. The film is directed by Ernst Marischka and stars Romy Schneider, Karlheinz Bohm, Magda Schneider, Uta Franz, Gustav Knuth, Vilma Degischer and Josef Meinrad. While the movie is quite old, where can you watch ‘Sissi’ online now? Sissi centers on Princess Elizabeth, nicknamed “Sissi”, who is the second eldest daughter of Duke Maximilian Joseph of Bavaria and Princess Ludovika of Bavaria. She is a nature-loving, impulsive and carefree child. She was raised on the shores of Lake Starnberg in Bavaria, at the family seat of Possenhofen Castle, along with her seven siblings. His childhood was happy, free from the constraints linked to his royal status.

Sissi is a film about Empress Elisabeth of Austria, known to her family as “Sissi”, and is the first part of a trilogy. The other two films in the trilogy are “The Young Empress” and “Fateful Years Of An Empress”. Romy Schneider plays Empress Elisabeth of Austria or even Sissi.

François-Joseph and Sissi.

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The story of Sissi revolves around a 16-year-old Sissi who travels from Possenhofen to the spa town of Bad Ischl in Upper Austria with her mother and older sister Helene. Archduchess Sophie is the mother of the young Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria and the sister of Ludovika. The purpose of their visit is for Helen and the young emperor to be immediately betrothed, and Sissi, unaware of the real reason for the trip, is forbidden by her aunt from attending social events due to her impetuous ways. However, she meets Franz Josef by chance in the forest, where she spends her time fishing. He then invites her to an afternoon of hunting in the Alps after having taken a liking to her.

Sissi does not reveal her true identity, even though she falls in love with him, and on their journey she learns of the arranged marriage between him and his sister. Franz Josef tells her that he feels no connection with Hélène and that he envies the man who will marry Sissi. Hearing this, she feels guilty and runs away without any explanation. When she returns home, her sister explains to her the real reason for their trip. Sissi is then invited by the Archduchess to be Prince Lippe’s companion on the occasion of François-Joseph’s birthday. At her party, Franz Josef realizes who Sissi is, confesses his love for her and asks her to marry him. However, Sissi rejects his proposal, as she cannot betray her sister. But, Franz Josef defies his mother’s wishes and Sissi’s rejection and announces his engagement to Sissi.

Romy Schneider as Sissi.

Hélène is heartbroken and leaves the party crying, while Sissi is in shock and is forced to obey her wishes. Preparations for the wedding began in Possenhofen. Sissi attempts to break off her engagement for her sister’s sake. However, Hélène returns after her indefinite absence with a new suitor, Maximilian Anton, hereditary prince of Tour and Taxis. Hélène gives her blessing to Sissi for her marriage and the sisters reunite. Sissi then travels with her family on the Danube to Vienna, on the steamer “Franz Joseph” for the wedding ceremony. On April 24, 1854, the wedding took place in the church of the Augustins.

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Where to watch “Sissi”?

Currently, viewers can watch Sissi streaming on Film Movement Plus. It is also possible to buy Sissi on Apple iTunes, Amazon Video and YouTube as it is available for purchase or rental on Apple iTunes, Amazon Video and YouTube online in the United States. UK viewers can watch the film on Amazon Prime Video. Unfortunately for Australian and Indian viewers, Sissi is not available to watch or stream on any OTT platform in the countries. Some fun facts include filming locations.

Kaiservilla in Bad Ischl and Schonbrunn Palace are among the many original locations visited by the Empress, where the film was shot. As Possenhofen Castle was in poor condition at the time, the scenes from his youth on Lake Starnberg were actually shot at Schloss Fuschl at Lake Fuschl in the Salzkammergut region. St. Michael’s Church in Vienna was used to film the scene of the wedding celebration.

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