How to Watch Gintama in 2022? Is it Easily Available?


Gintama is a classic adventure comedy anime series that never gets old. Even though it’s been a good ten years since the series ended, it still doesn’t fail to provide ticklish humor. The series is known for its very good plot, dialogues and very nice character design. The series protagonist Gintoki had some really weird scenes on the show and turned out to be quite humorous. But that doesn’t stop viewers from loving her and admiring her charm. He turned out to be the most handsome courier character on the show and became a perfect man for many female viewers. Even Kagura, the angry young lady of the main trio, has attracted a huge male fan due to her extremely charming appearance.

All of this became possible thanks to the illustration of creator Hideaki Sorachi. There’s a lot to enjoy about this series, but every time a new otaku joins the fandom, they search for Gintama’s whereabouts. At first it gets quite confusing as it is a long series and has over 300 episodes. However, we are here to save you and since it is a very popular anime series, it is available to stream on almost all major anime streaming sites. But we will still recommend some legitimate sites for you to visit. So, be sure to stick to the end and write down all the legal websites we suggest to stream the entire series of Gintama.

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About Gintama

Japanese anime series Gintama is centered on the concept of adventure, comedy, science fiction and belongs to the shonen genre. It was written and demonstrated by Hideaki Sorachi and was published by Shueisha. Gintama was released in the manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump and its English version appeared on Viz Media. The manga was released on December 8, 2003 and ended on June 20, 2019, yielding a collection of 77 tankobon volumes.

An anime adaptation of the manga was created by Sunrise Studio and proved to be the best of its time. Episodes 1-105 were directed by Shinji Takamatsu while the rest of the episodes were directed by Yoichi Fujita. Its script was given by Akatsuki Yamatoya and the credits for the music tracks go to Audio Highs. TXN became the official local network to air its first episode on April 4, 2006.

The series ended on March 25, 2010 with a total episode count of 353. Its immense popularity has become possible thanks to its extremely unique plot. The storyline of the series is set in another era of history – the Edo period. Around this time, an eccentric samurai named Gintoki is the focus of the entire series. He is independent and does odd jobs with his comrades named Shinpachi Shimura and Kagura. Shinpachi followed Gintoki after saving Shinpachi’s sister from an alien group that wanted to send her to a brothel. Later, Kagura, the alien girl of the Yakuza group, added to their group after shrinking it. Now they have formed a trio known as “Yorozuya” as they do everything to keep their finances at bay and pay their monthly rent.


How to watch Gintama in 2022?

As I said above, it’s been quite a while since the anime series came out and ended. It has become a remarkable memory for many and a source of joy for others. All this length has affected the mediums on which you can stream the series. Initially, it was licensed by Crunchyroll and Medialink for its international streaming. Later, the networks added Gintama to their list of programs and now almost all major OTT websites offer you the service to stream Gintama in 2022.

Where to watch Gintama

However, we promised you to recommend some legit websites from our side to eliminate any kind of confusion. So, there you have it, you can stream the whole Gintama series on Crunchyroll, Hulu, Netflix Japan, Bilibili. As this is not streamed on any Japanese LAN, natives can also access these websites. To access all these sites, you must buy their subscription and be able to enjoy the entire series, i.e. the 353 episodes of Gintama.

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