How To Watch ‘All That Breathes’ Online? Is it a Netflix Exclusive?


Documentary maker Shaunak Sen showed “class” by focusing his hand-held lens on Delhi’s night shelters and those sleeping on the city’s partitions in his previous film, All That Breathes. In his new film, All That Breathes, the illustration of the Other becomes sublime and urgent. The investigation focuses on two brothers and their relationship with a species of black kite (Milvus migrans).

The Grand Jury Prize was awarded to the only Indian film to take part in this year’s fully virtual Sundance Film Festival in the United States. Sen’s film took part in the World Cinema Documentary Competition, which saw Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh’s dramatic documentary Writing with Fire about Khabar Lahariya and Dalit women journalists, won two awards last year.

After winning the award, the documentary is gaining more and more popularity among the general public. Now, more people are eager to watch this documentary, which has reached the level of well-known documentaries like What The Health and Livin On One Dollar. We will now discuss this documentary, its Sundance Film Festival Award win, and most importantly, where to watch “All That Breathes” online?

What is “All That Breathes” about?

All That Breathes is a film directed by Shaunak Sen about two middle-aged brothers who run Wildlife Rescue, a Delhi bird clinic, from the basement office of the family soap dispenser manufacturing business. Their diligent rescue attempts, however, are not the film’s core investigation; rather they serve to adorn it. All That Breathes is truly about modern India’s search for the dignity of life, an urgent exploration of what it means to be a citizen of a country plagued by xenophobia.

Where to watch all that breathes
A photo of All That Breathes

The title of the film encapsulates the guiding principle in the lives of brothers Nadeem and Saud. Their late mother instilled in them a great sense of responsibility for their ecology by teaching them to cherish living creatures – anything that breathes. When the teenage brothers came across an injured kite two decades ago, they rushed it to the government bird hospital. They did not expect the hospital to refuse to treat the bird since it was not a vegetarian.

Nadeem and Saud continued to bring sick birds back to the basement of their Wazirabad home over the next two decades. They have remained self-taught to this day. They diagnose injured raptors, sometimes tie the wings and treat the blind, and sometimes bathe the birds, chop meat for them, and house them in a cage until they are well enough to fly, accompanied by Salik, a enthusiastic young assistant. who transports injured birds in boxes.

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Where to watch “All That Breathes”?

Shaunak Sen directed All That Breathes, which was released on January 21, 2022. Unfortunately, All That Breathes will not be available for streaming for some time. At the moment, fans can only watch it in cinemas or wait over a month for it to be released online.

All That Breathes will eventually be available on Netflix. The documentary is backed by Epix, which has a relationship with Netflix. However, you will have to wait 45 days to watch it at home (after the original release). There is no firm date yet. However, according to the 45-day model, All That Breathes will be available on Netflix in April 2022.

All That Breathes is available on Netflix, among other services. After its release on the platform, viewers can purchase or rent it through other services such as Amazon Prime Video. For example, after debuting as a Netflix Original, the well-known documentary Living On A Dollar is now available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. The availability of the documentary for rental or purchase online is still unknown.

Where to watch all that breathes
Documentary filmmaker Shaunak Sen

‘All That Breathes’ Wins Sundance Film Festival Award

After his documentary “All That Breathes” received the Grand Jury Prize for World Cinema: Documentary at the recent Sundance Film Festival, filmmaker Shaunak Sen says he is “very upset”. Juries selected the best from 84 feature films and 59 short films were selected from 14,849 submissions for the 2022 edition of the festival, which took place virtually.

Sen, Aman Mann and Teddy Leifer are the producers of All That Breathes. Sen expressed his joy with the major award in a video posted by the official Sundance Film Festival Twitter account on Saturday. He is amazed and beaming from ear to ear. The film was made possible in large part through the sponsorship of Sundance. He is completely overwhelmed and ecstatic.

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