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A playbook for virtual SKOs

we have lived in a world that needs to change from business-as-usual in person to Zoom meetings, and now to a mix of both. Many companies continue to consider different strategies to plan and organize an effective, compelling sales launch.

According to a recent event participation survey conducted by MarTech, respondents rated the probability of attending an in-person event in the first half of 2022 as a five out of ten. About 27% expressed an interest in attending events only in person, 34% preferred to attend virtually and 39% wanted to participate in hybrid events with both in-person and virtual components.

Regardless of their location, sales teams need the right talking points — and an infusion of morale and excitement — for a successful start to 2022.

What is a sales launch?

At the beginning of each year, companies hold internal sales kickoffs (SKO). Intended to offer business growth strategies and get everyone on the same page, SKOs also train, inspire and motivate sales teams.

Before the pandemic, companies received SKOs in person. These experience events include opportunities for:

  • Networking
  • Share best practices
  • Update Sales Strategies
  • Boosting Sales Teams’ Enthusiasm for the New Year
  • Learn more about new products and updates

Since then, SKOs – like many other business activities – have gone virtual. Sales leaders are now seeking to elevate their virtual locations into platforms with the power to inform, inspire and connect teams to prepare to meet and exceed 2022 sales targets.

A playbook for virtual SKOs

Zoom fatigue is real and working remotely can often lead to too many meetings. According to a study by Korn Ferry, 67% of employees feel they spend too much time in meetings, and the demand for time hinders their productivity.

Sales professionals also continue to struggle with engagement, with 36% of respondents in the State of the Event Industry Report: Third Quarter 2021 calling it their biggest challenge.

While socializing won’t be quite the same and skipping the 2022 SKO isn’t always an option, companies can still deliver a powerful virtual or hybrid SKO that engages, entertains, and motivates their sales teams.

Virtual or hybrid SKOs also offer other benefits. First, they are cost effective. Technology that allows distributed teams to connect virtually will help businesses save money by not flying everyone to a central location. Organizations will save thousands in location, hotel, transportation and catering costs.

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