Hot Pod Summit is back at On Air Fest 2022!


We’re excited to announce that Hot Pod Summit—our event that’s invited only to the people moving the audio industry forward—is returning to On Air Fest at the beautiful Wythe Hotel in New York City. The one-day meeting on February 24 is organized by The Verges senior reporter Ashley Carman and will feature programming on the biggest topics in audio, including podcast subscriptions, competing with major technology, moderation and more.

This is The Verges first Hot Pod Summit since purchasing the newsletter in 2021, and we couldn’t be more excited to keep this important event going. We organize the event with our partners at work x work; this marks their 5th consecutive year that the event is produced. And if you want to see what On Air Fest is all about, tickets are on sale and available at, with speakers including radio labJad Abumrad, Jane Goodall, Object of sound’and Hanif Abdurraqib, Death, Sex & Money’and Anna Sale, For colored nerds’ Eric Eddings and Brittany Luse, keep it’s Ira Madison III, and many more.

Of course, Hot Pod Summit is just part of experiencing everything we have to offer about the future of audio. To stay up to date with industry-leading analytics, reporting, and more, subscribe to the Hot Pod newsletter below:

Hot Pod Summit Programming

New Money in Audio: Subscriptions, Audiobooks and IP

Over the past year, the two largest podcast platforms – Apple and Spotify – have widely introduced subscriptions to their users. Is this the beginning of a new era? Plus, can IP sales build a business and what can the industry learn from audiobooks? Pushkin Industries CMO Heather Fain, QCODE CEO Rob Herting and Tenderfoot TV co-founder Donald Albright join the conversation.

Competing with Big Tech: How to Recruit and Retain Talent as You Take on the Giants

More technology companies are entering the podcast space, creating competition not only for shows and listeners’ attention, but also for talented employees. What can public media and independent shops offer new recruits? LWC Studios founder and CEO Juleyka Lantigua Williams, Multitude CEO Amanda McLoughlin and PRX CEO Kerri Hoffman discuss mission statements, unions and ad revenue sharing, among other topics.

Automated Ads: The Switch To Programmatic And How It Could Change Podcasting Forever

The podcasting industry has often relied on host-read ads, mediated through personal relationships between podcasters and brands. But the industry wants to scale, and part of that journey depends on automating and targeting ads. There will inevitably be bumps along the way and bigger questions about how this could change podcasting forever. Oxford Road CEO and Founder Dan Granger and Acast Head of Automation for America Elli Dimitroulakos discuss.

YouTube formally enters the podcasting arena: Now what?

Many podcasters already use YouTube to distribute their shows, but late last year the company made its first official podcast rental seemingly in an effort to take on a bigger role in the space. In this chat we talk to popular tech YouTuber and Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast present Marques Brownlee and Rooster Teeth’s head of The Roost Podcast Network AJ Feliciano on what podcasters even need or want from YouTube and what the platform could do.

Should Podcast Platforms Do More to Moderate?

As the podcast industry grows and more people listen, concerns about what is shared and promoted on podcast apps are growing. What obligation do podcast platforms have to moderate the shows they distribute? How does that change when platforms sign exclusive deals? platform gameCasey Newton joins journalist Evelyn Douek for a panel discussion.

Independent creators who make it work

While companies are seeing more and more opportunities to make money in podcasting, several podcasters have started their own business and addressed their fans directly. We’ll be chatting with the podcasters making their way – maintaining Discords, running Patreons, and recording bonus content – in the space.

Read our full press release for Hot Pod Summit here.

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