Homestay (2022) Ending Explained: Fantasy, Reality Or Both?


Japanese movies have created the next level of fanbase among viewers from all corners of the world. Homestay (2022) is a Japanese movie released on Amazon Prime. The film is directed by Natsuki Seta. The film stars Kento Nagao and Anna Yamada as the main protagonists. The story of Homestay (2022) revolves around Makoto and his childhood friend Akira, as the ending left viewers wanting more. The film is full of suspense and viewers throughout the film think about what would happen at the end. The film was released on February 11, 2022.

Homestay (2022) has a paranormal start, and if you’re someone who loves watching movies in the paranormal genre, then Homestay is a must-watch for you. There are instances in the film where viewers may be confused. The endings of the movie are the deciding factor if we can expect the other part. So, here we will tell you the storyline, cast and ending of Homestay (2022).

Homestay (2022)

Homestay 2022 is off to a pretty ominous start. The Homestay (2022) can be said to have a paranormal beginning with a soul in the body of a deceased schoolboy, Makoto. The name of the boy who has a soul in his body is Blank. Blank is surprised when he comes face to face with Guardian. They promised him a rebirth if he could find out Makoto’s “cause of death” without revealing that he is a soul.

Blank poses as Makoto in front of Makoto’s family, who are overjoyed at Makoto’s rebirth after being assumed dead, in order to find out the truth behind the high school boy’s death. He begins attending Makoto’s school and socializing with his peers in hopes of discovering answers. Blank does his best to unravel the truth with only three chances and one hundred days to do so. The storyline is quite confusing, but as we delve into it, we are able to understand what is going on.

Homestay (2022)
Foster Family (2022): Makoto

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The casting of the film makes it a success. The film’s main protagonists are Nagao Kento, who plays Makoto, Yamada Anna plays Makoto’s childhood friend Akira, and Yagi Rikako as Takasaki Mitsuki. Other Homestay (2022) cast members include Sasaki Kuranosuke, Ishida Hakari, Mochizuki Ayumu, Hamada Gaku, Mashisma Hidekazu, and Shibukawa Kiyohiko.

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Homestay 2022 has a paranormal start as if it’s somewhere between reality and fantasy. While the hourglass implies that Guardian is not merely an entity in Makoto’s hypothetical dream, Blank’s recollection of Makoto’s past and the ultimate conclusion that he is none other than Makoto’s soul raises doubts about Makoto’s presumed death and about Makoto’s existence as a soul. Because Makoto took so many pills to die, there’s a chance he was saved and imagines the presence of a guardian figure and soul as a result of his brain injury.

Makoto’s doctor said the student came back to life after a day of presumed death, indicating that he had passed away. Makoto can be said to have died, and the story takes place in a fantasy realm as it seems impossible to come back to life after a day of death. Since the film’s narrative does not attempt to demonstrate Makoto dreaming or hallucinating his life as Blank, it is acceptable to discuss the meaning of death and his role in the story.

Homestay (2022)
Foster Family (2022): Yagi Rikako

The plot of the film revolves around the death of the main character of the film, and everything revolves around him. It may be confusing at first as he juggled between reality and fantasy. Blank’s attempts to extend his presence in the world after his death are the focus of Homestay (2022). Despite the fact that the soul has no memory of its previous existence, its desire to live longer and the natural urge to defy death drives it to uncover the truth behind Makoto’s death.

Blank realizes he was loved and cared for as he learns more about his life. He recognizes Mitsuru as a selfless brother and Akira as a great friend. It made him think that life is good and you have to enjoy it and it’s beyond any medicine or not. In the end, Makoto realizes the value of life and he returns to his second life. He also promised himself that he would be a good human and an understanding companion for his friend Akira.

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