‘Home Inspector Joe’ Filming Locations: The Real Estate Reality Show


Have you ever thought that a home inspection could be turned into a reality show? Yes it’s possible. Home Inspector Joe is a unique concept where the home inspection is performed by the home inspector. The home reality show “Home Inspector Joe” was given by Joe Mazza and his partner, Noel. They are both the pillars of this completely new concept. The show airs on HGTV. Joe Mazza has over 20 years of experience, and he will use that experience to help buyers purchase exclusive properties.

The creators of the show wanted to provide a visual treat for viewers. More importantly, they cared about the customers. Therefore, they wanted to show the best they had to buyers. The show’s main goal was to showcase the best of the houses, thus making the audience curious enough to know where the series was filmed. Here we are going to take a look at the Home Inspector Joe filming locations.

Home Inspector Joe: Concept of the series

HGTV is a hub for reality shows where they tackle the concept of home improvement. Joe, along with his partner, will be seen in the new real estate series “Home Inspector Joe”. They will collaborate for the benefit of buyers by visiting the homes that buyers love and want to make their own. In today’s hot seller’s market, buyers across the country are looking for every advantage they can get.

Home Inspector Joe
Home Inspector Joe

There are people who like to decorate their house. They want chic decor, good interiors and the best in style. Joe and his partner have made every effort to provide the best services to customers. Home renovation is a dream for many people, and there are a lucky few who are able to live their dream. Each episode of the series features aesthetics and cute houses, which appeal to the audience. Joe has expertise in this area and he does his best to provide appropriate options with the least risk to clients.

Home Inspector Joe Filming Locations

Each episode introduces a new property that has the potential to be converted into a beautiful home. As a result, the audience is puzzled as to where he is. The public is fascinated by new residences; so they can’t wait to find out more about the filming locations for HUGTV’s original Home Inspector Joe. New York is the main filming location for Home Inspector Joe. Those who have seen the magnificence of New York can’t argue with that, and the filmmakers picked the best setting for the shoot. Some scenes in the film were also shot in Connecticut. Someone who owns a beautiful home understands the value of a tasteful renovation. Joe has worked in the processor industry for over two decades and understands what it takes to be a competent processor.

The show was filmed in Knoxville, Tennessee for a few scenes. Before principal filming began, the production crew was stationed there. Joe and his designer partner were invited to play a few scenes there to test their collaboration on screen. Their on-screen chemistry was important to test, because if they are compatible working with each other, then it will be a good run for the Makers. Coastal towns and rural areas are the best choices for filming as they offer scenic views to the audience. Connecticut is another location where Home Inspector Joe was filmed. The location is also famous for adventure activities like hiking and skiing. Nutmeg State was also used to shoot some scenes in the series.

Home Inspector Joe Filming location: Knoxville, Tennessee

Stamford serves as the alternate location where parts of the film were shot. Stamford attracts visitors who like to look at historical places. Westchester County, New York was also used to film Home Inspector Joe. The place attracts a lot of tourists as it has parks, zoos, museums and what not to explore. Hastings-on-Hudson, Greenburgh, was also used as a filming site. It’s a small village but it still offers beautiful filming locations. Noel Gatts claimed she created over nine residences and 30 rooms for the event. Therefore, we say that the creators did a wonderful job filming Home Inspector Joe.

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