“Hide behind a pillar, and felt terrible”

Hear what Ayushmann Khurrana says about his wife Tahira Kashyap's battle with cancer, only on Audible
Hear what Ayushmann Khurrana says about his wife Tahira Kashyap’s battle with cancer, only on Audible (Photo Credit – Ayushmann Khurrana / Instagram)

The wife of Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana, Tahira Kashyap, who was first diagnosed with cancer in 2018, has been actively talking about her journey ever since. On World Cancer Day, Audible will delve into Ayushmann’s feelings, experiences and thoughts during his wife’s long battle with breast cancer via the podcast ‘My Ex-Breast’.

1. About Ayushmann learning about Tahira’s breast cancer for the first time

Ayushmann and Tahira remember the first time they heard about her cancer: “We were together in Delhi when we heard from a doctor, we didn’t know at all. Ayushmann adds to this shocking experience that plunged their world into chaos. “There was a time when we were both very vulnerable in a hospital. Again, you know people ask for pictures where we sat. I hid behind a pillar, the security guy, and felt terrible.”

2. Ayushmann recalls how Nichiren Buddhism helped his wife, Tahira Kashyap, deal with one of her darkest moments in her life.

He tells Tahira in the podcast ‘It gave you the power to fight head-on. Now you are the victorious queen for me. I was happy that you are emotionally strong in a way that you are going to tackle and fight this. We were in this fight together, but I was so inspired by you that you probably grew stronger than me.” He adds, “You have an amazing presence. It doesn’t come from your hairstyle, it comes from your chanting, your practice, the person you have become, your experiences in life and the sum of it all.”

3. He explains how important it is for women to have their breasts examined regularly

Women in India often find it very difficult to have open conversations when it comes to physicality and talking about topics like breasts. About Tahira’s experience with breast examination, Ayushmann says: “Life is very important and precious. It is not just for you, but for your children and for your family. Start loving yourself. Self love is the most important. Yes, it is very underrated, but at the same time, if you are selfless and you have self love, you will have it examined (breasts) and never think twice before going for check. You have to do it regularly and at the same time for yourself and also for your family. You cannot have a listless attitude towards it. You have to deal with that proactively. Because otherwise cancer spreads every minute, every hour and you have to fix it as soon as possible.”

4. About confidence in body transformation

Tahira Kashyap, going through physical turmoil and feeling insecure about herself, had turned to Ayushmann for comfort. “When I first saw you, it’s like a bald head walking confidently. I was like wow, this is so hot, seriously because your strength was everything, it was part of the personality. Your shoulders were always erect, you never lacked confidence.” He adds: ‘Some of me think you look better now. It’s like version 2.0 of Tahira.”

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