Here Are Some Of The Tallest Male K-pop Idols!


The world of k-pop is filled with so many idols having so many features that they must be the whole. From heartwarming vocals to killer dancing skills, idols have it all. But while to reach the skill level they go through years of training, some things come naturally to them. Fans have many beauty attributes and standards to admire and swoon in their bias. While many love their bias for their visuals, many fans have a soft spot for big idols. And lately, many k-pop idols have been parading the runways with their towering heights showing off their gait.

Breaking the stereotypes that Asians are short, many k-pop idols are dominating the k-pop world with their tall figures. There are a lot of things that fans tend to like about big k-pop idols, saying that big idols make them feel protective and safe. But with the idols’ charming faces and personalities, it’s not that difficult for fans to treat the idols like a baby. They were also very creative, creating memes and clubs, making the fandom laugh.

So here are some of the biggest K-pop male idols in the industry that are dominating the hearts of fans right now!

1. Jung Hyun

Height: 195cm (6’5″)

From the tallest person in his high school, Lee Jung Hyun is currently the biggest male idol in k-pop. The idol debuted with boy group 2Z under GOGO2020. The second member announced as part of the group, Jung-Hyun, is the maknae of the group. He is the bassist and vocalist of the band. The idol is also signed with Morph Entertainment and also works as a model. For his musical career, Junghyun draws inspiration from bassist of Motely Crue Nikki Sixx and Guns N Roses. Before her debut, the idol had no idea what and how things were going to happen. Working with Sinawe of Seo Taiji and Boys, Junghyun was happy that he was able to play bass even when he was a complete novice of the instrument.

Songs to Listen to: All I Need, Stupid, Doctor, Behind Cut

biggest k-pop male idols
K-pop’s Biggest Male Idols: 2Z’s Junghyun

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2. Rower

Height: 193cm (6’4″)

Kim Seok Woo, popularly known as SF9’s Rowoon, is the second-biggest male k-pop idol. One of the most popular idols all over the world, Rowoon is not just limited to music, but is also part of many global hit k-dramas like “Where Stars Land”, “Extraordinary You” and “She Would Never Know”. The idol debuted with the nine-member group SF9 under FNC Entertainment. During his introduction, he even uses the tagline “SF9’s Physical”. Hailing from Gangnam-gu, Seoul, the idol is currently enrolled at Kyung Hee Cyber ​​University. He trained for six years with Zuho before their debut with the boy band.

K-pop's biggest male idols
K-pop’s Biggest Male Idols: SF9’s Rowoon

Thanks to his tall stature, the actor was quite athletic. He even got third place in the national soccer competition when he was young. Rowoon is also a big fan of FT Island. Along with modeling for the biggest national and international brands. The idol has also been part of tons of variety shows such as “Baek Jongwon’s Alley Restaurant”, “Weekly Idol”, “Law of The Jungle in Patagonia”, “2019 & 2020 Idol Star Athletic Championship”, “Happy Together Season 4”. , ‘Battle Trip’, ‘Knowing Bros’, ‘Running Man’, ‘Let’s Eat Dinner Together’, ‘Idol Room’, ‘Hello Counselor’ and ‘King of Masked Singer’.

Songs to listen to: Shine Together, Trauma, See U Tomorrow, Love No. 5

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3. Seoham

Height: 192cm (6’4″)

Park Seoham is one of the most popular and tallest idols in the industry. The idol debuted with boy group KNK in March 2016 under YNB Entertainment. The tallest member of the group, the idol, has been the main rapper, singer, visual and face of the group. Before debuting with YNB Entertainment, Seoham was under Big Hit Entertainment and even trained with BTS. Winning 2nd place at the company’s 10th open audition in February, the idol entered JYPE and trained to perform. The idol was also chosen by Knetz as the 1st for MIXNINE’s Top 12 Visual Male. And appeared in the variety show “Idol Acting Competition – I’m an Actor”. In September 2021, Seoham then announced his departure from the KNK as he chose not to renew his contract. Focusing on his acting career, Seoham is set to lead the upcoming BL k-drama “Semantic Error.”

Songs to listen to: rain, sunset, goodbye, we’re the only one

K-pop's biggest male idols
K-pop’s Biggest Male Idols: Seoham

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Height: 190cm (6’3″)

Jonathan Min is popular with the stage name JMIN. The American-born Korean rapper made his official debut with H1ghr Music with the EP ‘Homecoming’ featuring Park Hyeonjin, CAMO, Mirani and Jay Park in August 2021. But he put original music as ‘Spatialship’ online since 2018. Born and raised in the United States, the idol’s family moved to Los Angeles from Florida. Having spent his entire life in the west, JMIN is not fluent in Korean. He likes mint chocolate. Beginning his rapping career in the United States, the idol also worked with Korean hip-hop artists CAMO and KISSTA to become quite a household name in South Korea.

Songs to listen to: Homecoming, Night Sky, Big Bank

Biggest Male K-pop Idols: JMIN

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Height: 186cm (6’2″)

Matthew Kim is popularly known by his stage name BM or Big Matthew. Signed under DSP Media, BM is part of the mixed group Kard. The idol debuted as a solo artist on June 9, 2021, with the single “Broken Me.” Born and raised in the United States, BM moved to South Korea in 2011 to audition and participate in the first season of the SBS reality show K-pop Star. Over time, BM worked on his Korean as it was his weakest point at the start. Debuting with KARD, BM took over the card role “King”. He worked as a songwriter and composer of music for the group. Releasing his first solo album in 2020, BM revealed that he wrote the lyrics for all three tracks and compositions for each song. While BM is popular for his tall stature, he is also part of the “Big Tiddie Committee” alongside Pentagon’s Hongseok, Stray Kids’ Bang Chan, The Rose’s Woosung, BTS’s RM.

Songs to listen to: Broken Me, Lost In Euphoria, Dumb Litty, Trust Me

K-pop’s Biggest Male Idols: KARD’s BM

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6. Wooseok

Height: 188cm (6’2″)

Jung Woo Seok debuted as a member of boy group PENTAGON under Cube Entertainment in 2016. A graduate of the School of Performing Arts in Seoul, the idol played violin and piano as a child. Wooseok participated in Mnet’s reality survival program Pentagon Maker before his debut. In 2019, Wooseok debuted a new unit project alongside fellow labelmate and former Wanna One member Lai Kuan-lin. Thanks to her incredible height, the idol has been roaming the catwalks for a while now. In 2018, Wooseok made her modeling debut at Hera Seoul Fashion Week 2018 wearing designer label R.Shemiste. The idol has also worked on acting projects. He starred in the 2021 SBS web drama “Nickname Pine Leaf” and is part of Goofy Music’s “Those Who Want To Catch.”

Songs to listen to: Shine, Ain’t No Time, How Can I Do, Fine Day

K-pop's biggest male idols
K-pop’s Biggest Male Idols: Pentagon’s Wooseok

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7. Soobin

Height: 185cm (6’0.5″)

One of the monster rookies, Choi Soobin, is just over the 6-foot mark. Announced as the second member of the boy group, Soobin debuted with TXT under HYBE Labels in 2019. As the leader of the boy group, he is also the lead vocalist and rapper. Hugely popular among k-pop stans, becoming an idol wasn’t his first choice. He actually wanted to be a psychologist or a foreign language teacher. But performing in a college talent show changed Soobin’s mind and inspired him to become an idol.

K-pop’s Biggest Male Idols: TXT’s Soobin

Soobin’a’s audition didn’t go as well as he expected because the idol had forgotten a lot of the lyrics. But luckily, he made it through the second round and ended up becoming a Big Hit trainee. Less than a year after TXT’s debut, the boy group had already topped South Korea’s Gaon album chart and Billboard’s world album chart.

Songs to Listen to: Anti-Romantic, Cat and Dog, Can’t We Leave the Monster Alive?, Nap of A Star

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