Her Pen Pal Ending Explained: Do Victoria And Jacques Get Back Together?


How can we forget about Hallmark when it comes to making great love and family movies? Hallmark Channel is a cable television channel in the United States. The network is known for its family-friendly movies and miniseries. “Her Pen Pal” is one such movie. On June 19, 2021, the film premiered on the channel. We will talk about the end of its correspondent in this article. Along with this, we will discuss the actors as well as the plot.

“Her Pen Pal” tells the story of Victoria, a top wedding planner. Victoria’s best friend is planning a destination wedding in Paris, and she’s naturally assisting her. She is also thrilled to serve as a bridesmaid. But her ex also attends the wedding, who still has feelings for her. In addition, she ends up reconnecting with Jacques, a childhood pen friend. They had a crush on each other when they were kids. Would they find love again in the most romantic city in the world, or would they find something else?

So, what’s going on with his correspondent?

Victoria (Mallory Jensen), a wedding planner, is at the center of the plot. Tracy Cook, her best friend, is getting married and planning a wedding in Paris. Victoria, of course, assists him in his wedding preparations. She also looks forward to being the bridesmaid. Tracy informs her that her ex-boyfriend will be joining them in Paris as they prepare for their vacation. Victoria had no objection to him attending the wedding.

Victoria meets Cameron for the first time in 6 months as she arrives in Paris. With her, he brought a magnificent date. The ladies took the elevator to their floor after an awkward conversation. Tracy reminds her of Jacques, her high school pen pal, in the hallway. Tracy dials his number and gives it to him. Calls go to voicemail, where Nathalie takes the phone from its socket and leaves a message. When Jacques receives the message, he moves to see her. They walk in the city and Jacques shows him the Eiffel Tower.

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The bride and groom invited Jacques as Victoria’s plus-one to the hotel’s welcome dinner. Jacques and Victoria spend the whole day exploring the city of love. They would talk about it heart to heart. They talk about their problems and their life in general. These brilliant puns, as well as this aimless wandering in Paris.

His Correspondent's Ending Explained
Victoria and Jacques through Paris

His Correspondent’s Ending Explained

At the end, Victoria asks the bride and groom if they can have the wedding in Jacques’ garden, which he gladly accepts, and you think, okay, Victoria slowed down her frantic pace of planning, she made sure to include the little changes requested by the bride, and she fell in love with Jacques again. Isn’t that attractive? Jacques is clearly still in love with her and has never really walked away from her, as evidenced by the fact that he has never dated anyone since their breakup.

Cameron, on the other hand, is a force to be reckoned with. Who is still in love with Victoria, and who is pressuring her to give him another chance? I guess I would have been ok with all of that – a conversation is one way to go, after all – but then he kisses her out of nowhere, which I consider a huge invasion of privacy since he gave it up when they broke up. This leads them both to realize, “Hey, we’re not really compatible and we’re not going to train again.” Jacques, on the other hand, is moving away at the moment.

His Correspondent's Ending Explained
Victoria and Jacques

Victoria and Jacques reunite

As he told Victoria on deck, love is not something you lock away and keep to yourself; it’s something you give up and, if it’s meant to be, it will come back to you. But she thinks he’s given up and won’t fight, which is the same misunderstanding that broke them up all those years ago. She wanted him to defend them. He didn’t want to force anything, especially because Cameron was already there at the time, and he feels like he’ll be taken down again as soon as Cameron arrives.

This results in the expected cinematic rift as the two can’t seem to communicate effectively. During the wedding ceremony, however, Victoria reads part of a letter written by Jacques when he was 18 years old. And he considers the possibility that they don’t have to break up this time. And as they dance together at the reception that night, they end up clearing the air, acknowledging that they have no idea where this is going, but they want it to go somewhere, and they seal it with a kiss.

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