Hannah Lee Fowler Files For Divorce Amidst Sam Hunt’s Affair


After dating for nearly a decade, Sam Hunt and his now estranged wife got engaged in January 2017. Following this, they married on April 15 of the same year in Hunt’s hometown. , Cedartown, Georgia! However, after almost five years, the American singer and songwriter’s wife, Hannah Lee Fowler, accused him of disloyalty. She decided to file for divorce amid the Sam Hunt affair.

And to everyone’s surprise, legal documents confirm that Sam Hunt’s wife is pregnant! Hannah Lee Fowler’s due date is in May. Lo and behold, a few months from the arrival of the baby, Hannah filed for divorce! Let’s find out more details about Sam Hunt’s case!

Hannah Lee Fowler Files for Divorce and Alimony Amid Sam Hunt Case!

On February 18, 2022, Friday, the country singer’s wife filed for divorce in Tennessee. Court documents released on Monday (February 21st) claim that the singer’s wife of 37 years has accused him of being guilty of inappropriate marital conduct and adultery! And if their fans still have any hope of seeing them together again, then we want to let you know that Hannah Lee Fowler has said that all hopes of reconciliation are over!

The documents also claim that Hannah requested transitional support, rehabilitation support and future support. Plus, she also asked to be announced as the primary residential guardian for the couple’s potential first child! Then citing the prenup, which they could have signed before they got married, she asked to be awarded their respective separate property and to seek child support!

Sam Hunt case
Sam Hunt and his wife Hannah Lee Fowler

Although the marital journey of the once most popular couple in the industry has come to a standstill just in the last five years, Sam Hunt once revealed that it was Hannah Lee Fowler, who was the main inspiration for his hit album. Montevallo! And for your sake, we’d also like to remind you that his name and their story was also referenced in the Sam Hunt song “Drinkin’ Too Much.”

Well, this isn’t the first time Sam Hunt has had to deal with legal issues. Earlier on November 21, 2019, he was arrested in Nashville after allegedly driving under the influence. Then on August 19, 2021, he was found guilty of his impaired driving charge which happened sometimes two years before!

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